Collecting Kisses

I adore kisses. Kissing is beautiful, something that communicates such a wide variety of emotions and desires and needs that we can often feel unable to express. I would really love to be the best kisser, so good that if word got around, everyone would want to kiss me. I love the lead up to a first kiss, and kisses that happen out of nowhere. Sleepy midnight kisses, morning sex kisses…

I’ve decided that I’d love to hear your kiss stories, I’m starting a collection of kisses and I’d love for you to share your stories with me. They can be sweet innocent things or kisses that have rocked your world, all kisses welcome.

You can email your story through or simply leave a comment here on this page. I’d love to read them and share more of my stories with you.

I just want to feel your lips pressed against mine, forgetting the entire world. Just you, me, & the butterflies in my stomach.

In the grand scale of how we demonstrate our love, we find ways that feel better or get us more excited than a simple kiss, but to me nothing can replicate that thrill of closing your eyes, leaning in, and taking a leap that you will be able to say everything you wanted to by simply touching your lips to theirs.

Holly xx