Sex in the sky… continued

“I’ve wanted you this way for years Holly, did you know that? You drive me crazy with your short skirts and that sexy walk.” Mr X say, holding me bent over the bed, his body pressed against my back and legs. He uses his feet to part my legs wider then slides his hands down over my thighs to the bottom of my pencil skirt. He moves his hands under the edge and starts to push it upwards exposing my stockings and lacy panties. I sway my hips, catching his erection and teasing it with the movement.

“Show me what you’ve been fantasising about.” Is my reply bending my body until my chest is resting on the bed, my naked sex completely exposed to him.

He doesn’t wait another minute, he roughly pushes my skirt to my waste undoes his pants exposing his hard cock, all movements feel desperate and he can’t work fast enough for me. He pulls down my panties exposing my wet pussy.

Taking his thick cock in his hand he slides himself inside me, I’m so wet and ready it’s bliss when I feel the pressure of him entering my tight pussy. He curses and starts moving in frantic thrusts. Each deep hard thrust drives me wild, I start to beg for more, screaming his name.

After a while he slows down, moving inside me in slow rhythmic thrusts. He moves his hand around and starts to play with my clit. It’s too much for me and I start pushing back against him, needing him to move faster “Fuck me harder” I beg into the blankets, my legs shaking.

He answers my pleas with deep thrusts and circular movements over my clit, I can’t wait any longer and I cum collapsing forward onto the bed.

I see him move to the side of the bed and collapse onto it. His arm is up over his face and he is breathing heavy. I go into the bathroom and fixed my hair, I need it off my face for what I have planned next.

Coming back into the room I see he hasn’t moved. Deciding I wasn’t going to let him rest just yet I crawled onto the bed positioning my head above his cock as it lay semi erect on his thigh. I picked it up with my hand and take the tip in my mouth. The taste of us mixed together is amazingly arousing, I could feel a fresh wave of lust wash over me.

I close my eyes and suck, a mixture of stokes with my hand and sucking him as deep into my mouth as I can take him, a bit easier when he isn’t fully erect. I can feel the blood rushing to his cock now, it’s growing harder and warmer in my mouth. I suck at him until he moans and starts bucking his hips under me roughly. He would come if I kept playing with him like this. I slow down and look up at him. He is watching me now, enjoying the sight of his head in my mouth as I tease him…

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