I touch myself

I have never been shy of my body. I’ve been modest as you would expect but I can walk around my house naked, it never fazes me.

I got through these phases when I’m so horny I could climb the walls. I’ve spent hours playing with myself, trying to get myself to cum and ease some of the frustration.

This one particular day I’d just made myself cum before I threw on some clothes and went to pick up some groceries. I always find it hard to focus on anything when I’m this horny. I start fantasizing about sex, any man I see becomes a character in the scenarios in my head.

By the time I got home my pussy was soaked. I stripped off down to my underwear, leaving my clothes by the front door, and headed straight into the kitchen to unpack everything.

Mr G from next door always seemed to be at the window. His living room window met my side kitchen window.

I would often open the blinds and do the dishes naked so he could see. I pretend I don’t see him starting open mouthed as he watches my breasts jiggle with every movement.

I finished the dishes and headed to my bedroom to start teasing myself, and my neighbour. My bedroom window faced their house, the fence the only thing stopping him getting the full show. I opened it so he would be able to hear me. Back on my bed, my fingers ran down my body until they met my clit. I rubbed it making tingle in a few strokes. Juice started to seep out of me as two of my fingers disappeared inside.

I heard a noise outside and noticed a shadow through the slats in the fence.

I was sure it was Mr G so I didn’t stop.

In fact it made me feel hotter. I took out my vibrator and teased my clit before I slowly I fucked my hole. The way I was seated half laying made the opening hit my g-spot every time it entered me. My moans became part of me and my excitement and intensity rose.

I continued to push the vibrator inside, hearing the wet suction as it moved inside me. I worked faster, my other had working my clit, until I closed my eyes and threw my head back in ecstasy and had a massive orgasm.

I heard more noise as I came back into reality. This time I could see Mr G’s head looking over the fence. I smiled at him.

He ducked his head quickly. The shadows had given him away. I could see he was pulling hard and fast on his more than adequate sword.

“Have you had enough?” I laughed as I stood up.

I rolled over and opened my toy draw, taking out my newest toy, a pink rabbit. I moved my body to give Mr G the best view of my fingers instantly headed back to my pussy as I spread my legs wide.

I picked up the rabbit and slid it right inside me. My other hand worked on my nipples as I turned it to the first setting. I bit my lip and looked out of the window to see Mr G looking through. Again he ducked down as soon as he saw me looking.

I thought it was cute, this 55 year old guy, happily married with two kids (one my age) kept looking at me while I masturbated. I wondered if he thought about me when he fucked his wife. The thought of it, sent a pleasure hit straight to my rabbit fucked cunt and as I came hard, my legs shaking.

I wasn’t finished. Not by a long shot.

Feeling very naughty I sat up and called out through the open window “I’m moving to the back room. You wont be able to see me unless you come over. Would you like to watch?”

I picked up the rabbit and a few other treasures from my draw and walked to the back room. I’d left the front door unlocked when I got home and sure enough two minutes later Mr G walked into the room. He didn’t say anything, I could see his hard on straining in his pants as he stood in the doorway.

“Come on in, sit there on the chair. You can watch as much as you like.”

I was feeling powerful I had this grown man under my control. A different feeling than I usually have when I’m getting fucked and I liked it. He hadn’t moved so I indicated the chair again. He sat but still didn’t say anything.

“You can touch yourself if you want to, it turns me on. I want you to enjoy watching me.” I said.

Without hesitation he pulled out his massive, thick, cock. It was so fucking hard I wanted to sit right on it. I wasn’t going to fuck him though, Mr G he was married. If anything I see myself as helping their marriage. Spicing up his life. I’m sure his wife got some that night.

I knelt on the sofa spreading my legs wide so he had a perfect view. I took the rabbit and shoved it into my greedy sweet pussy. My juices running down the sides coating it for what was to come.

I so loved this.

I picked up one of my plugs, wetting it with the juices from my pussy. Once it was well wet and I slid it into my butt as I slid up and down on the rabbit that was well placed between my two leather cushions.

Mr G was pulling faster, his breath a rush “Hey slow down, you don’t want to cum already do you?” I said wiggling my butt at him. “Now pull that cock in time with me fucking myself or I will never let you see me again.”

He started pulling in time with my grinding and half laid back in the chair. His eyes glued on me.

I turned around and started to ride the rabbit again. Harder and faster then before. Before long the thought of being the main attraction in a show was too much and I came screaming so loud,

I couldn’t stop I came and came and came gushing out all over the sofa.

I was ravenous. I missed the real thing, having a hot cock pounding me into submission, messing up my sweet hole for his pleasing. This role reversal was so hot, I rolled on my back grabbing the dildo but keeping the rabbit close by.

I didn’t bother to lube it – I was wet enough. And with a bit of working it slid right in. My hole was now split to capacity I was full. I shoved it in as deep as I could and Mr G raised his head to see.

“Do you like that Mr G? Does you like it when I fuck myself?’

“Ohhh yes beautiful….’ he moaned. “Yes, you’re so fucking sexy.” he yelled as he pulled his cock so hard I thought it might snap off.

“Well do you want to cum with me?”

“Please. Yes I would.” he replied.

I stood up and laid directly under him. I could see his massive tool, huge, half covered with his hand I wanted that so bad. I shoved the rabbit inside my pussy as I laid both my legs on either side of the chair he was sitting on.

“Cum for me, I want to feel you cum on me” I said

He moaned and pulled faster while I played with the rabbit and took the dildo deep my mouth. Sucking and licking like it was his cock.

He pulled hard once or twice more I’m not sure as the orgasm I was having made me lose all sense and reason. Then as if Mr G was pouring gasoline on my already flammable body, his cum landed on my chest legs and cheeks. Shot after shot. Landing. Hitting its mark. If not aimed, perfectly positioned.

I came so fucking hard, my cunt going into total lock down as I pumped it again and again until the waves of pleasure crashing through me. Mr G was still pulling his cock, just slower now, squeezing each drop of hot cum out.

I laid under him until my breath coming back. Pleased and well satisfied.

“You can go now, we should do this again some time.” I said getting up. He stood up and slipped his cock back into his pants. Without saying a word he left with a smile on his face.

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  1. You'll guess says:

    It’s just so arousing to read you. The class and sexyness you speak of your sexuality; the description of your pleasure and your surely hot body.
    The way you go from an innocent kinky thought to an eager craving of getting your hole owned by hard thrusts… I could only repeat the title of this post, my desired Holly.

    Liked by 1 person

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