Working with Mr M

Late nights at the office…

It’s always more exciting when there is a group staying back to finish off a project. Finding dark corners, stolen kisses, keeping secrets.

We find an empty office, you bend me over the desk and hike up my skirt. I’m so wet from wanting you all day I have no objections to you burring your cock inside me. It feels incredible, your hot thick cock sliding inside me at last. Your legs slapping against mine, my body urging you deeper. We’ve barely started and I tell you I’m about to cum.

Grabbing my hips you slow right down, easing your hard cock in and out, in pleasurable slowness. You reach your hand around my hip and guide your fingers down to my sensitive clit. You pinch my sensitive mound making me gasp and beg for more.

I’m so close to the edge but your slow movements hold me there. You are only giving me half of your cock now and I push back wanting all of you.

We’re so close to the edge, you make to pull out knowing we don’t have any protection between us. I protest and tell you how much I want you to cum inside me. I tell you I want your hot cum spilling inside me and mixing with my juices flowing down over your balls.

I hear you grunting and so ready to cum it makes me moan as my cunt clutches tighter around you.

“Oh mmmm baby right there, don’t stop!” I cry as you move faster, more urgently. Finally, I can feel you eject inside me as you breathe out and moan into my ear.

My legs are weak from sex and I decide to fix my hair in the ladies before I rejoin the group. I go to leave and you take my hand, pulling me back into you, kissing me full on the mouth.

“Don’t you dare clean that up, I want you to leave it there all night” you demand pulling me close.

I grin up at you, nodding, as I leave for the ladies room.

I feel your eyes on me throughout the night, I ignore you and flirt with another colleague because it turns you on. Everyone starts to call it a night, you’re the third to leave, I’m the last. After locking up and heading to my car I see you get out of your car and make your way over to mine…

“You make me crazy,” you say reaching for me…

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  1. trisguardian says:

    What I would give to work in your office.


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