Teach me

Mr S was one of those teachers still young enough for you to feel like he ‘got’ you but old enough for you to respect his position. We’d all use his first name and feel like adults in his classes. He took science and math, two subjects I had never had any interest in and was never really good at.

As you can imagine a lot of daydreaming goes on in a class room when you’re not interested in the subject. I had thought of teachers being good looking before and wondered what it was like to date, but Mr S was the only one I would think about naked. He was the star of my fantasies.

I’d daydream about wearing my fancy push up bra under my uniform. I’d catch him looking at me throughout the class and then stay back to ask for help with the homework. I’d flip my hair and sit too close as he walks me through the problems. I watch the pages on the desk in front of us and see him stealing glances, I’m sure he can see down my top from this position. He says nothing about it, just tries to keep me focused on the work, ignoring my childish flirting attempts.

I’d tell him about my crush on him. He’d tell me how all the boys had crushes on me, how I shouldn’t be thinking about him. I ask him if he ever thought about me, he clears his throat and says we need to focus.

I’d tell him that I am focused, I know what I want, I’m not interested in boys. He’d look at me as I move my hand to touch his leg. He just looks at my face, not protesting so I slide my hand up his thigh, watching for his reaction. His cock would grow hard and strain against his pants and I’d move my hand over it as I move in to kiss him.

He’s tense and doesn’t move, he doesn’t pull away, his morals fighting with his desire. I move one leg slowly over his lap, gently kissing his chin and lips. I press my hips down and he moans against my mouth. He wraps his arms around me and kisses me full on the mouth.

He kisses me deeply and holds me against him, I rock my hips enjoying rubbing myself against him. I move a hand down between us and slide it down his pants. His tip is wet with precum, I rub my thumb over it wrapping my fingers around his cock. “Wait” he stills my hand with his, breathing heavily into my hair, our bodies pressed together…

The bell rings and the fantasy vanishes.

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