Don’t just look at me

Don’t just look at me, babe I want you to lick your fingers, kiss me passionate and slow.

Touch me so gentle, it lingers I want your hands on my body, grip my waist, run your fingers through my hair.

Tell me you love me, show it to me.

Then treat me like you don’t care.

Kiss my neck, bite my lip, ask me what I like.

Rub my pussy slow at first, then you can stop treating it nice I like it when you fuck me hard I like it when it’s rough I like it when you slap my ass, make me say when I’ve had enough.

Make me call out your name.

Dig your nails into my skin. Rock your body against mine. It’s my turn to make you beg for it I swear to you, this is love I swear that this is real. I want you to feel what I feel. You make my heart skip beats.

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