Between the stacks

Another winter afternoon studying in the library, I’d seen you leaning against the catalog desk using the computer. I’d tried not to stare as I made my way past, wondering if you’d notice me. I didn’t need to wonder for long, I could feel your eyes on me as I sat at one of the tables.

Before I have all of my books out of my bag, I see you moving to the chair beside me. Silently you take my hand and lead me away from the study area, we head to the stacks and the way you glance back at me over your shoulder makes my knees go weak.

You find a deserted row and guide me inside and pull me close. Your hands hold my face as your lips find mine, the contact makes the butterflies in my stomach dance. You press the full length of your body to mine, you’re so warm it draws me closer.

I can feel your hand exploring my body, moving down my back and enjoying the curve of my hips. Your fingers find the edge of my skirt and slowly you move them up, your hands are so warm and gentle, your hand stops moving and I know you’ve discovered I’m not wearing any underwear. I can feel you getting hard against my thigh, you groan and deepen the kiss moving your hand between my thighs where I’m hot and wet for you.


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