Heels and glitter

We met at a friends party, things were wrapping up but we weren’t ready to say goodnight yet. We went back to your place and had some more drinks while playing pool.

I’m terrible at pool so you decide to show me how to line up a shot, pressing your body against mine. I let my arse brush your crotch and notice I’m not the only one turned on.

Next thing we know, we’re making out and grinding against each other. You lift me onto the edge of the table, moaning in bliss as you reaslise I’m not wearing underwear under my skirt. You take my mouth in yours as you slide your hands up my thigh, feeling the wet parting just waiting for you.

I move my hands and start undoing your jeans with fast stumbling hands. We can’t get your cock out fast enough. The feeling of you pressing inside me in an urgent rush is wonderful. I grab your arse and urge you to move, your thrusting driving me wild.

We cum in a mad rush, all kisses and gasps. I lay back on the pool table, catching my breath.

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  1. mercutio says:

    Very sexy. I couldn’t get mine out fast enough when I first read this

    Liked by 1 person

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