Guest Contribution – Miss W

So me and my boyfriend at the time were on the train heading into the city. It was a pretty full ride with people sitting all around us.

The people sitting across the isle were staring like zombies into their phones. Snuggling close to him with one of his arms wrapped around my back, he reached down and slid his hand into the back of my jeans, just squeezing and playing with my arse. It had to be one of his favourite features of my body, he loved making it jiggle. I could see he was getting hard just from playing with me.

Biting my lip at turning him on and wanting to fuck him so badly. I ran my hand over his leg close to the bulge in his pants but not close enough for his liking. He kissed my neck and whispered that I was a tease into my hair.

We were headed to dinner so we had to wait all night to be able to finish. He’d grab my arse throughout the night just to remind me it wasn’t over. Time and teasing is the best foreplay.

Miss W

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