Playtime on the terrace

Dinner with work colleagues could be such a bore, but tonight the new manager was joining us leaving his very pregnant wife at home for the night.

The evening started out with some light flirting and knowing looks. Sitting across from him at the dinner table I couldn’t help but tease him with my very low cut dress. His eyes fixed on me I massaged his dick under the table with my feet—first the right, then left— he was loving it, keeping his cool with the conversation while he grew harder at my touch.

We split off from the group the first chance we got, heading up to the terrace barely able to keep our hands off each other. The lights of the city spread out before us as I unzipped his pants finally tasting his hard cock. It had clearly been a while for him, precum dripping onto my tongue as I stroked him. Desperate to feel him inside me I asked if he wanted to fuck me, he answered by standing me up and turning me to face the night. In seconds my skirt was pulled up exposing the lacy thong I’d chosen for the night. I slid it down to my knees bending to his whim.

That fist thrust felt incredible, we both stopped as though caught in the feeling of skin on skin. I pushed back wiggling my hips urging him to thrust and fulfill my desires.

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