From lackinprivacy

To wake next to you is unlike anything else I have experienced. To see the light reflect off every curve, every facet of beauty. I will wake you with the smallest kisses on your neck. Your sleepy eyes blink and your lips form a loving smile. A kiss to the cheek and the smile is contagious. A blessing it is to have two arms, one to embrace you tenderly and another to hold you lovingly. A line of kisses down your center to show that every inch I love. To follow that line down, you reach where I wish to be. To feel the warmth on my tongue and to hear you not say anything, for the moans, whimpers, and gasps say plenty. To reach up and caress your chest, feeling you arch and hold my head closer, wanting more. For each breast, a hand to hold them and to remind them how much they love to be touched. This is but one morning with you, but every morning with you is just as warm and beautiful.

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