It was our secret, both of us too young to understand our own minds, fumbling in dark corners sweaty hands, tongues on salty skin. Our eagerness and need burning hot as we fumble with zips and fabric. The fire building, an ache deep in my stomach to feel you inside me.

“I need you inside me” I pant into your ear as you peel off my bra and throw it to the ground. My hands tug at your boxers as your lips crush mine. Our tongues circle each other as you slide off your boxers, my hand grips the solid length of you dragging a moan from your lips to mine. You press my back further into the corner, I lift myself up wrapping my legs around you and you’re there, with one smooth movement I can feel the heat of you gliding inside, we both gasp clinging to each other, wanting more.

“You’re so perfect” you gasp as you pull back slowly and thrust inside again. I’m losing my mind, all I can think is more, more as the movement of my hips matches yours.

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  1. jupitergrant says:

    This is very sexy!! 🤩

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