Night club fling

A cancelled date Saturday night brings me to the club. You’d been exploring the nightlife of new cities, and this was apparently a popular though not particularly high end nightclub in the city.

The club was quite full, bodies dancing everywhere, the perfect place to have a little fun. I walked over to the bar ready to have a drink and get the night started. You catch my eye standing at the end of the bar, all blue jeans and shirt sleeves rolled up. I’m a total sucker for that half smile you flash me as you collect your drinks and move off to what looks like a group of friends.

I sip my drink and try to catch sight of you. I see a stunning women take your arm and one of the drinks you had carried over. I pout a little, clearly you’re here with someone – girlfriend, wife maybe?

Finishing my drink too quickly I make my way to the dance floor, determined to shake the disappointment of the cancelled date and my almost strike out with you. I sway my hips loving the feeling of my dress brushing against my thighs, the room is hot from all the bodies and it makes me glad I’d worn one of my short strappy dresses.

Someone’s had brushes my shoulder and I hear someone yell over the music “You look sexy as hell out here” turning I see you standing there, that half smile making my knees weak. You take my hand turning me and we start moving together, every time your body touches mine I feel electricity sparking over my skin. The song dies down and you offer to get me a drink, we get to the bar and you place an order. We’re huddled together to hear what the other is saying, the music blasting through the room again.

“You live around here?” You ask, your eyes moving between my mouth and my eyes.

“Yeah a few blocks over, saves on transport when you can just walk home. Do you live nearby?” I reply trying to keep things friendly.

“I wish” you respond “now that I know you’re local” you wink at me as our drinks arrive and we take them back to the dance floor. You spin me so that my back is to you and I take advantage of the position and start brushing my arse teasingly over your crotch. We sip on your drinks and enjoy the next few songs, touching each other at every opportunity. The next song slows and I press my back against you. You lean in and I feel your breath against my neck before you brush your lips there.

We must have been sprung as I see the women you were standing with earlier staring daggers over at us before she moves into the crowd towards us. I look at you with a quick nod in the direction of approaching doom. Not wanting to stay for this scene I tell you I’m going to get a drink.

After a shot to keep my buzz going I take my next drink upstairs, its quieter up there and the stairs open to a landing. Looking left around a corner I can see a lounge area, looking to the right I see the landing continues to a dead end getting smaller as it goes, the end is hidden in shadow. I move forward towards the rail. The music drifts up and I sway my hips leaning on the banister looking down at the crowd.

I see you down at the bar, the bar tender pointing up to where I’m standing and you catch me watching you. You make your way across the dance floor and up the stairs.
“You’re not trying to ditch me are you?” You say as your eyes travel the full length of me.

“Not you, just your wife” I say sipping my drink, batting my eyelashes.

“Not my wife” You tell me.

“Well your ‘girlfriend’ seemed really pissed to see you dancing with me.” I probe, wondering what your game is.

“Not my girlfriend. I only met her tonight, I’m here with friends and they’d invited her along. She can’t seem to take a hint so I had to lay it out for her.” You say as you move closer, you reach out with your hand and I feel the weight of it on my hip as you draw closer still. My body responds to your touch, tiny waves of pleasure shooting around me. I look up at you unable to contain my smile. I slide one of my hands around your waist and trace my fingers around to your back, letting my brush the spot where your shirt tucks into your pants.

You lean in slowly, my eyes moving to your lips feeling pulled to you like a bear to honey. Our lips meet and I feel the soft heat of you, my tongue darts out to run along your bottom lip before you part them and out tongues join. My free hand is resting on your chest, you still have one on my hip and the other has come up to my breast. You moan your pleasure at finding my nipples responding to your touch, the thin silky fabric of my dress the only thing between you and my soft flesh.

“I want you” I declare, each kiss feeling more urgent, I can feel myself growing wet between my thighs. My hand finds its way to the front of your pants. I’m pleased to discover I’m having the same effect on you.

“You wanna get out of here?” You ask, your head moving to my shoulder as you plant more kisses along my neck. “Not just yet” I reply as I glance around before guiding you over to the landings dead end, its by no means private but it’ll be enough for what I have in mind.

You look at me enquiringly, your eyes widen as I get to my knees and start undoing your belt and zipper. You glance around but no one else is upstairs and this corner is in shadow, mo one downstairs could see us without a spotlight. I take your cock out of your pants and stroke it gently with my hand, looking up at you I lick the tip before taking you in my mouth. I hear your intake of breath as the pleasure takes over.

“Not all guys would be able to get it up in a room full of people. Do you have some secret fantasies you should tell me about?” I ask before taking you into my mouth again.

“Babe you are my fantasy. Fuck that feels amazing.” Your breath is getting heavier by the minute. You stand me up and your hand goes up my dress, landing between my thighs. You move up to the top of my panties and slide your hand inside. Now you can feel how wet and ready I am, taking your time you circle my clit and send your fingers down inside me. I can feel every movement, every touch sending shockwaves of pleasure through my body building up and up. I’m having trouble holding myself up, I’m leaning hard against you as my legs try to give way. You move us to the banister, my back against your front. You lift my skirt and I push back against you desperately wanting to feel you inside me. In one swift movement you’ve lifted my dress and dropped my panties to the ground.

You guide your hard cock to my opening and I moan with relief as you slide in. You start out tortuously slowly, gentle teasing as you glide in and out. “More, I want more” I tell you desperately. I push back against you as you increase your pace, your need matching my own. You reach your hand around and start rubbing my clit, your pace urgent and satisfying. I cover my mouth to prevent crying out in pleasure, my orgasim immanent. Just as my pleasure reaches its peak and my body shakes I hear you swear and hold yourself deep inside of me. We pant holding that position, your hands on my hips the only reason I’m not falling over.

I lean into you, a giggle escaping me as I realise what we’ve just done in this very busy night club. “That was incredible” I say as I secure my feet underneath myself and turn to look at you. “How about another drink?” I say straightening my dress.

“How about we go back to my room, we can get some room service and finish what we’ve started” you suggest, that half smile threatening to drop me to my knees. I grin looking at you through hooded eyes. “Let’s get out of here”.

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