Bared To You

Office Secrets Part 1

The new assistant, Holly, started five months ago, and while you approve of her work ethic and efficiency you can’t help but notice how distracting she is, sitting at her desk legs crossed, sliding her heels out of her stocking-covered feet when she thinks no one has noticed. chocolate brown hair is worn in loose waves falling just above her nipples. Has no one else noticed this? They seem to disregard her completely which you find unfathomable. You often find yourself fantasizing about calling her into your office on some pretext, having her bend over your desk while you lift up that ridiculous skirt. Your lips curl into a devious smile as you finish that thought, shaking your head fighting off a fast-approaching hard-on.

Your phone rings and you take the call. A new request from a very new client looks like a late-night getting the contracts finalized. Just then Holly walks into your office with your afternoon coffee, she walks over to your desk placing the coffee down, you mouth a ‘thank you’ while still on the call receiving a smile in return. As she turns to go you notice the dress she has on today hugs her figure perfectly, it’s modest, falling halfway down her thigh but something about the fabric makes you want to touch it and move it up out of the way. Realizing your phone call is wrapping up you shake yourself and open up the contracts on your computer.

It’s been a big day.

You hit send on the email you’ve spent the better half of the afternoon and now evening finalizing in time for the next day. You wouldn’t usually allow a client to dictate lead time on a contract like this but they are a new client to the firm, a big client, and you want to make sure they’re happy. You slump back in your chair blinking up at the clock on the wall. Almost 7pm, you rub your eyes praying this new client is the one you needed to lock in the promotion.

Loosening your tie you close off the programs on your computer and log off for the night. Collecting your coat and briefcase you head out of your office and notice Holly still at her desk, hands clicking away at the keyboard fixated on the screen.

“I didn’t know you were still here Holly, do you have much more you need to do? I can walk you out.” You offer, looking at your watch. At the sound of you approaching she jumps a little in her seat, instantly clicking away from one window to another document. She shuffles some papers around her desk as she replies.

“Hey, boss! Just a couple of reports for the big meeting tomorrow. No big deal. I need to run off a few copies for the morning so I’ll be a little while yet. Thanks though.” She smiles brightly in your direction without meeting your eyes. You wonder what she could have been looking at but brush it off as online shopping or something along those lines.

“Alright, guess I’ll see you in the morning.” You say moving towards the hall and exit. You’ve told her many times not to call you ‘boss’ as technically she is the personal assistant to a number of the sales managers but you just can’t get her to quit. You secretly enjoy that she sees you in a position of power, more specifically over her, even if it’s not true.

“You got it, boss.” She says with a wink, you see her watching you walk down the hall.

After the brief trip in the elevator, Holly’s figure in that dress is still on your mind. You approach your car, feeling inside your briefcase in search of your keys. Finding them missing you utter a curse and head back to the lifts. Exiting the lift you hear your name called out in the distance, thinking Holly might have heard the lift you make your way down the hall you look for her but she’s not at her desk. The door to your office is open but the light is still off, you move through it heading for your desk and the most likely place you left your keys when you see her.

Holly is sitting on the edge of your chair, legs parted, leaning back. Her dress is up around her waist one hand inside of her panties the other gripping the arm of your chair. Her mouth, open in silent pleasure. She must not have heard you come in, your eyes take her in hungrily unable to resist. Slowly her head straightens, her eyes snap open, and look directly into yours. Her eyes widen in surprise and she sits up pulling at her skirt to cover herself. Her face is red but you can’t tell if it’s from embarrassment at being caught or excitement from touching herself. She’s biting her lip, eyes fixed on your shoes.

“Don’t stop on my account, this is by far the best use for my office.” You pause for a moment, watching her face. You wonder if she was considering escaping the room. You say still, watching her, you’re not blocking her path to the door but she doesn’t even glance at the exit. Finally, her head moves and she looks up at you, you had worried she’d be upset about having been caught, but the look in her eyes is telling you she is anything but sorry. Her pupils are dilated shrinking the hazel tones to almost nothing, all you see is the lust in her eyes and she is looking right at you. She edges her skirt back up her thighs, her eyes fixed on you.

“You like to watch then?” She practically purrs, her voice husky. You watch her hand slide back up under her skirt, her eyes fixed on you. You wet your lips with your tongue, eyes fixed on the hand she has buried under her skirt, her legs spread wide once again.

“I’ve seen the way you watch me, you think I don’t notice. I’ve been watching you too,” she says and intakes a sharp breath as her fingers increase their movement below her skirt. You feel your erection growing harder by the minute.

“I’ve never been really great at sitting by the sidelines…” you say to the space in between. She stands then, moving mere inches from you she drops to her knees, her eyes locked on yours the whole time. She rests her hands on your knees and slowly glides them up, she stops when she reaches your belt, you make no move to stop her and she undoes your pants taking out your cock.

She strokes you gently with one hand, stroking and teasing until she takes you in her mouth. Its so soft and wet, you briefly closed your eyes. You feel her cupping your balls with her free hand while she sucks softly at you. You look down and she must sense your gaze because she looks back up at you, her eyes full of lust. Taking you from her mouth she stands and continues stroking you with her hand.

“I want you to fuck me on your desk.”

Needing no further encouragement you spin her to face your desk, leaning over her your cock pressed against her arse and you clear the few items from your desk with one sweep of your arm. Holly bends over the desk, you slide your hands down her thighs to the edge of her dress and pull it up. Her smooth cheeks make you want to take a bite of her, instead, you pull her panties down in one movement and she gasps, pressing back against you.

Eager to touch her you move one hand around her hip, her pussy was smooth and slick, your fingers gliding effortlessly over and between her soft folds. You use your middle finger, brushing the tip of it over the opening of her pussy, she moans and squirms against your hand. You take your cock in your other hand and use the tip to tease her opening. The combination does something wicked to her and her legs start to shake “More” she moans deeply “I need you inside me”.

With that plea you bury yourself inside her, you start drawing yourself in and out slowly at first but with more haste as she presses back against you urging you on. She is so wet you can hear her juices with every thrust. “Oh fuck! I’m going to cum” she screams, legs spread wide and shaking, arms stretched out over your desk. You feel her cum while you pound harder, she’s squeezing tight around you. With a final thrust, you pull out and cum on her arse cheeks a moan of satisfaction as pleasure surges through you.

Holly is still bent over your desk panting, a satisfied grin across her face. You take some tissues from the box on the floor and clean up her back. You do up your pants and then help her stand upright, she ducks down and collects her panties from the floor. Rather than putting them back on she slides them into your pocket with a wink. Pulling her dress back down she walks out of the office. You hear her putting on her coat and getting her bag.

“We’ve probably time for round two before security does their rounds. How do you feel about elevators?” She calls from the hall.

You through the tissue box and papers back on your desk, you see your keys on the floor, grabbing them on your way past and follow her lead.

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  1. mercutio says:

    I absolutely approve of Holly’s work ethic. She should be commended, and (repeatedly) rewarded

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