Hot nights

So last night I went out with some friends and we ended up staying at this guy’s house. It had one bedroom but the couch was huge and L shaped. One of my friends had been into the guy whose house it was so she made it clear they were sharing the bed. That left me and my friend with the other guy. My friend took the shorter end of the couch, leaving me and the guy to share the long side. While we’d been flirting all night we’d all had a lot to drink so I thought sleep was probably the smart move. The other side of the couch wasn’t quite long enough for head to toe, I might be short but he was definitely not. So I snagged a cushion, some blankets and said he could have the couch, I’d take the floor. I did make a show of taking off my bra and panties, leaving myself just in the dress I’d worn that night. I hear him moving around on the couch for a good 15 minutes before he moves to the floor next to me, letting me know the couch was digging into him. We murmer about the comfort of the floor not being much better but we drift off quickly. Then early morning I feel him start touching my inner thigh and rubbing my clit really gently until he starts to finger me and we hook up, all while my friend was next to us. I tried so hard to stay quiet; I had to bite his neck to stop from moaning.

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