She will love you, just as you are…

He doesn’t need to be a giant to have her feel protected.

She doesn’t need him to have a six-pack and muscles bursting out of his shirt for her to understand his strength.

He doesn’t have to be her everything. He just needs to be himself, to be willing to be true, to that and her.

She’s not looking for the biggest, baddest guy to rock her world. She’s simply a submissive girl looking for someone not scared to be vulnerable. To be honest. To be sincere when he says he cares and is willing to explore together.

She’s looking for a partner in everything. Life, happiness, sadness, and all the adult shit that sometimes needs attention.

He doesn’t have to be a master in everything for her to look at him as her master. He shouldn’t be insensitive or unwilling to show emotion for her to know his inner strength. She’s not looking for a fairy tale, she’s simply looking for something real.

For someone real.

Be honorable, be present, be connected, be forgiving, be passionate, be generous, be greedy, but most of all, when you’re together and building with one another, be honest with her.

He doesn’t have to be anyone else in order to win her heart.

When he’s willing to do that, then he’ll be exactly the man she’s always been looking for.

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