Not so innocent

*Quick disclaimer: This scene is written about a Dominant and Submissive dynamic. If you are unfamiliar with BDSM, Dominance and submission, kink and power exchange this might not be a story for you. If you’re still curious please note that with any relationship, communication is vital. This scene is written with the point of view that both characters are fully consenting to the power exchange. There are rules that are followed and both parties are in agreement to anything that follows. If you are unfamiliar with these concepts this story might feel like bullying behavior or it might set off triggers for you. I always want my readers to enjoy their time here so just a heads up.

I had just arrived home from work. While I had enjoyed the air conditioned office, it was way too hot outside to still be wearing my long sleeve shirt. As soon as I’d got into my car I’d taken it off along with my bra, leaving me in just my white camisole and navy pencil skirt.

The drive home was hot and sticky, the air con in my car struggling to compete with the sun blazing down on my car. Pulling in he driveway I park in my spot, parallel to the house. I turn off the engine and as I open the door and step out I see him standing the the front doorway. I smile and realise his eyes are fixed on my chest. I glance down and see my white camisole clinging to my chest, slightly damp with sweat.

I’m sure that he can see my nipples through he white cami, even more so now that they’ve turned into stiff peaks at the sight of him. I turn back to my car leaning inside over the drivers seat to grab my handbag and tote. He had put in place a ‘no panties rule’ this week. I’m very conscious of their absence and the slit in my skirt exposing my upper thigh as I bent over.

“Are you stuck Pet?” His voice drifts over to me and I could feel him take the door and hold it open. I looked back over my shoulder to see him appreciating the view hungrily.

“Nope, just had trouble with the tote strap” I said and moved out of the car with my bags.

“Decided to throw the dresscode out the window today did we?” He drawled eyeing my outfit.

“Don’t be silly” I take my shirt out of the tote and wave it a little “I was fully dressed until I stepped outside into this sauna.”

“You drove all the way home in this?” He says and I start to wonder if I’m in trouble or if he’s enjoying the idea… maybe a little of both.

“Yes.” I gulp as he steps into my space, mere millimeters away and I can feel his body warmth as I watch his face trying to read him.

“Did you have to stop at any red lights?” My thighs squeeze together as he whispered the question into my ear.

“Um, yes” I manage, my thoughts raced, will it be approval or punishment?

“Hmm” he replied as I stood frozen in place, excitement coursing through me at the uncertainty. He took my hand closing the car door behind us. He took the keys from my hand, locked the car and then lead me towards the house.

Once we’re both inside he closed the door and pressed my back to it. Leaning in close our eyes meet.

“Pet, you know the rules about exposing yourself in public. This was not safe, I think you need a reminder.”

My heart started to speed up and my eyes instantly find the floor. I’ve never been so forgetful with rules before. Guilt and shame wash over me as I heard the disappointment in his voice.

“Yes Sir” I breathe in response. He took my hand and lead me into the living room. He’s always made me feel safe, and I knew I could trust him completely even when it came to correcting my behavior. He was gentle but enjoyed causing pain. I enjoyed it too.

He sat on the couch and in one swift movement he pulled me face down over his lap. I held still and clasped my hands together in front of me. I could feel my body grow tight trying to anticipate his next move. He placed one hand on my back and I felt the other run along the bottom of my skirt along my thigh. His hand moved up and over my cheeks squeezing each one in turn gently. The sensation made me tremble a little. “Relax, sweetheart.” he whispered as he continued to run his hand over the fabric covering my thighs and cheeks. I could feel my body as it obeyed and started to relax.

“Good girl. Now tell me why you are being punished.”

“My punishment is for exposing myself and not asking for permission to change my clothes Sir.” I could feel him touching and teasing my body as I answered his question. The rules come back to me as easily as breathing and guilt passed over me again. I try to keep my body relaxed as I feel him prepare with what I knew was coming.

Then came the first spank. I could feel the sting beneath the fabric and I did my best to keep still. He started gently a firm yet mild smack on each cheek. I could feel his control with each and every hit, slowly increasing in pressure. I lose count after the first dozen, my focus on staying still and quiet.

I want so badly to reach back and rub my ass, but I know that is not allowed. He continues to switch back and forth between sides and each one feels slightly more painful than the last. I’m really struggling to stay still. I could feel him pause and allow me to collect myself before he continued.

But that was just the warm up.

He grabbed the bottom of my skirt and I could hear it rip as he exposes my arse. The cool air seemed to calm the sting on my flesh for a moment. The relief was short lived though. He bounced my cheeks and probed around my upper thighs, occasionally drawing a fingertip over my exposed pussy lips. I moaned and wiggled to lead him on.

“You are very wet for someone who is about to get a spanking.” He tells me with humor in his voice as he resumed spanking of my, now bare, bottom.

I could feel him growing hard where my body pressed against his cock. I hate to break rules and disappoint him. Knowing he will guide and correct me and that he can take pleasure in my submission fills me with purpose.

The next strike lands directly on top of the last and the pain compounds. A whimper escapes my lips and I close my eyes tightly as I feel tears start to build. I don’t dare move until my punishment is completed. I know the words to use to slow him down or to make him stop.

His bare hand against my skin, even in punishment feels wonderfully intimate. My whole body seems to hum as my heart races and the stinging of each spank continued. I want to give in and move away from the pain but I know I can’t.

“Five more hard ones. Count them out and thank me.”


“one, thank you sir!”


“two, thank you sir!”


“three, thank you sir!”


“four, thank you sir!”

He paused and his hand gently rubs my bottom. “You’re doing so good Pet. One more very hard one.” I just bite my lip as I feel my pussy getting even more soaked. I feel the final barehanded whack “five thank you sir!”

He helps me move onto his lap so I am sitting on my side and leaning across his chest. He scattered soft tender kisses along my forehead while his hand gently rubs up and down my spine allowing me to relax.

“Are you ok Pet?” He asks. I wipe my eyes and bury my face in his neck, breathing in his welcoming scent.

“Yes” I replied. I felt his hand toying with my ruined skirt and I let my knees fall apart just slightly. I gently kiss his neck and run my hand over his chest feeling his strength and warmth beneath my fingertips.

I think about his hands and how tender they are in this moment. The comparison to the power and pain they can also inflict. I’m drawn to the contradiction, to his strength and mercy.

He lifted me up and twisted my hips until I was straddling his lap. With a final yank the rest of my skirt is gone, thrown across the room. It was closely followed by my camisole which he pulled up over my head the moment he’d released the skirt. I could feel his hard cock pressing against me beneath his pants, still erect from spanking me.

I felt completely exposed and vulnerable before him, totally at his mercy. His hands grabbed my hips and I started grinding them in response. His hands drifted up my sides and over my stomach. I gasped as his fingers reached my nipples and pinched. He covered my mouth with his, lips parting and tongues dancing.

“Undo my pants Pet. Take out my cock.” He commanded and I waste no time. Once exposed I run my hand up and down his length, teasing the head with the finger tips of my other hand.

“Good girl,” he tells me grasping my hips again “get on.”

I lifted myself up and guided the head inside. It wasn’t until I felt the hot solid pressure push inside me that I realised just how wet the spanking had got me. It’s a relief to feel him so close to me, as thought I’ve been denied for days. My pussy clenched and grabbed at this cock and it takes all I have not to start riding it.

“Tell me what you want Pet. Details.” He tells me and I could feel him watching my face.

“Please Sir, I want to ride your hard cock. I want you to feel my juices drip down your length and make a mess of your pants. I want to feel you cum deep inside me Sir. I want to cum on your cock, please sir.” I pant holding him inside me, conscious of every millimeter of movement from my body as I breathe the words.

“Very good Pet, ride me until you’re close but you must ask before you can cum.”

“Yes Sir.”

I start to bounce up and down, my breasts moving with each thrust. I can’t think of anything but how he feels buried inside me. I stare into his eyes as I lose my patience and speed up.

I felt him grab my wrists as he pinned my arms behind my back. He kisses me deeply as he starts to match my movements, fucking me from underneath, panting heavily as I pound my body down against his again and again.

I started to scream out, the pleasure building higher and higher. He grunted furiously through his nostrils as he pumped into me. He rails me repeatedly, shoving his member deep into me over and over.

“I need to cum Sir” I gasp with each pounding thrust “please can I cum Sir?”

“Cum baby girl.” He says at last and it’s as though a switch has been flipped and a tidal wave of pleasure washes over me. My body shook and my stomach went tight. I felt my orgasm milking his cock with each shudder and pulse. I felt his body respond in kind as he found his own release inside me. With a final thrust he emptied himself collapsing back in the couch.

“You’re so beautiful when your arse is red from my hands and you have my cock buried inside you” He whispered in my ear and I collapse against him. I sighed and closed my eyes peacefully, sated and happy.

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