Public play Contribution – Miss K

I wouldn’t quite complain if I was riding a crowded bus, our fronts together, rocking with the movement of the bus. Nor would I complain if you put your arm around my waist and pulled me close, leaning down to kiss my neck gently in a seemingly innocent gesture. We both know it’s not, not when you’re already grinding slowly against my hips. No one suspects a thing, thinking us to be a sweet, innocent couple taking public transport.

But we aren’t. I don’t even know you.

You’re a complete stranger, one whose hand is slowly moving into my pants to stroke my entrance. It feels so good, I want to stop you but I’m already humping your hand and biting my lip to keep us undiscovered. Then you finally slip a finger in, then two, thrusting roughly into my pretty little boy-cunt.

Then my shorts come down, just enough to expose my folds. You’re lucky, I’m not wearing underwear, hoping, PRAYING that someone like you would come and take advantage of my slutty pussy. You thrust yourself in, all in one go. Oh fuck it feels good. Your big cock fills me so nice. My eyes roll back. People are looking, they have to be.

You’re thrusting harder. I’m moaning out loud now, people are definitely looking. Your hips slap against mine, making a loud noise, almost like the sound of a counter, counting every time the tip of your cock hits me just right. One of your large hands snakes between us, your thumb completely covering my little quivering clit and rubbing it in tight circles.

I’m going to cum. I know I am, I’m going to cum like a filthy little whore on the bus with everyone looking as a stranger fucks my cunt like a free whore. I am a free whore. Maybe if I’m lucky, some of the other guys that are clearly looking at me will have their turn when you’re done.

Everything feels nice, I’m cumming, oh god I’m cumming so hard. My clit feels like a hotwire, but you don’t stop. Even after you pull out, all you do is hold me up by the throat and keep playing with my poor nub. I’m finally done. You stop. I fall to my knees, panting harshly from the experience. There’s no hiding it from anyone now: I just came on a bus in front of complete strangers.

I feel your cock at my entrance, whining as you hold my hips up. Then I look up, and a cock is instantly pushed into my mouth. I lock eyes with one of the men who had been watching the ordeal. Then I see a few more guys behind him stroking their half-hard cocks, even a few women with their hands up their skirts or down their pants.

Your cock finally slipped in, and the man in my mouth grabs my hair and begins to thrust into my throat. It was going to be a long trip.

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