Camping in the dark

The warm sunny weather has us out on another adventure, tonight we’re camping with some friends. It’s very late and the fire has burned down to embers by the time I find my way to our tent. You’re tired from such a big day and fall asleep before me.

We’re cuddling in the dark, the cold air chills my face as I shift closer to you under the blankets. I feel your cock get hard as your hips press against my ass. I shift my hips listening to your breathing, wondering if you’re still asleep.

I grow more aware of the thin cotton nighty the only thing between us as you grow more aroused. I can feel the dampness between my thighs and my pulse picks up. I press my ass into your erection, our ski trying to make contact through my nighty.

I don’t need to wonder if you’re awake for long, I feel you take a firm hold of my waist, wrapping your arm around me and whispering in my ear.

“You did such a good job today.” You breathe onto my neck.

“Yeah?” I whisper in reply.

“Watching you set up our tent in those tiny shorts was such a turn on. I wish we’d been alone so I could’ve pulled them down right then. You down on your hands and knees setting up the tent.”

“I’ve been wanting to ride your cock all night, I’ve wanted to taste you so much.” I gasp out as you grind against me.

Your hand slides down from my stomach and reaches the edge of my nighty. Your hand slides underneath and up my thigh. The slowness of the movement has me panting and aching for your touch.

You tease me with your fingers, running them up around my thighs and over my pussy but not beneath where I crave you most. I rock my hips, one of my hands squeezing my breast and nipple. Just when I think I can’t take it any more I feel your hand leave and your body moves away from mind.

Your hands find my hips and you lift me onto my hands and knees. You part my legs kneeling between them. I sigh feeling the tip of your cock running the length of me, spreading my wetness as you tease my entrance.

A needy whimper escapes me and you plunge yourself inside me. The intrusion takes my breath away, so welcome and delicious. I feel your chest press against my back as you hold yourself inside me.

“Is this what you wanted? Is this what you need babygirl?” You whisper into my ear as you slowly withdraw your cock and then thrust it back in with speed.

I bite down on my lip, very aware of the thin fabric of the tent the only thing between us and the other campers. You thrust your cock deep into me with an audible smack, I cry out at the pleasure and shock of it.

You pull back and thrust in. You start to use me. You start to power fuck me. You run your hands over my back and onto my breasts, you grip them tight and you use them to pull me towards you. Each thrust moving you deep into me. You rest some of your body weight on my back and drive the rest of it, with your cock, into my cunt.

“You are mine.” You grown claiming my body with each thrust. That’s all it takes to send me over the edge, first orgasm tears through my body. You keep moving, not slowing your thrusts.

Over and over and over again I cum as you plunge into my pussy with reckless abandon. I feel the strength leave my body as I continue to cum and squirt and make a puddle below us.

“Cum inside me!” I pant out needing to feel you claim me, wanting you to take your relief using me. A string of curses follow as you cum and I feel your seed joining the mess we’ve made.

We collapse together, limbs intertwined and you throw the blanket back over us.

“Yours.” I say into your neck as sleep claims me.

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