A filthy pleasure

I’m sucking your dick, my hands on your balls, squeezing gently. You watch as my lips wrap around the head of your cock, touching nothing else, just my tongue swirling around slowly.

My mouth slides all the way down to the base of your dick. I hold it there, as deep as I can go and I suck, hard. Just once. But it’s enough for you to feel like I’m pulling the cum out of your balls.

I start moving my lips, releasing the pressure and letting the saliva drip from my mouth around your your hard cock. I move my head up and down slowly, licking back and forth. I feel you put your hand in my hair, taking control of my speed. Your grip on my hair increases and you force me all the way down, hard.

You feel me gag and keep forcing me, crooning and telling me what a good girl I am. You tell me how you love to watch me take all of your cock. My hands are still on your balls, massaging. You release my head and I slide off your dick and spend some time licking and sucking you balls.

I play with them, taking one into my mouth and then the other. I take them both into my mouth and I hear your breath hiss as you enjoy the sensation. My face is a mess, eyes watering from gaging, saliva mixed with lipstick smearing my mouth. I can taste your pre-cum on my lips and I crave more of you.

I take your whole dick in my warm mouth again. I waste no time, sliding hard and fast. You want more, you twist your fingers in my hair. I feel you getting close, I watch your face as you thrust into my mouth. You give three hard, deep thrusts and empty your balls into my mouth. I slide down so my lips are around just the head. I suck and feel your cum fill my mouth. At the same time, my hands move to your balls and taint, rubbing your favourite spots. You cum so hard you shout and I feel your body grow tight with the intensity of your orgasm.

You lay back panting as I swallow and lick you clean. I lay pressed against you and feel your body starting to relax, your heartbeat is beginning to slow and you close your eyes. I breath in your scent and feather kisses over your shoulder and chest.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. mercutio says:

    May I have permission to imagine that the dick in question here is my own?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. xxyourholly says:

      I wouldn’t have it any other way đŸ˜‰

      Liked by 2 people

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