Wildflowers: Rosie


Excerpt from a new novel I’m working on:

Rosie placed her hands on his chest as she moved her hips up and down. He felt good, damn good. His thick cock stretched her tightness, each stroke inside making her feel her orgasim nearing. She leaned back and moved her hands to his knees. She shivered as she felt his hands move down her chest between her perky breasts and her body began to tremble. She couldn’t suppress the moans as her organism hit. She gasped loudly, her body erupting in pleasure. 

She fell back, pleasure rushing through her. He was up and rolling her on to her stomach, using his hands to lift her hips. He thrust into her, she yelped, tender from the long session. It was something she enjoyed about older men. They lasted longer and she was never left unsatisfied. He pumped into her, his hands gripping her waist. His lower abdomen slapping against her with each thrust, she could feel his urgency and knew he was close. He leaned into her as he came, his weight pushing against her as he moaned. She smiled, the other thing she enjoyed about older men was that when they were done they would sleep like the dead. 

He turned and fell to the bead, breathing staggered. She looked over at him smiling, his mouth turned up in the corner in reply, his eyes heavy. She patted his chest and removed the condom for him, throwing it into the bin beside the bed. She laid her head on the pillow blinking slowly, watching him as he relaxed into the bed. She saw his eyes close and lay there a few moments longer. His breathing started to slow and soon he began to snore. The coast was clear, she slipped off the bed and quietly collected her clothes and bag heading into the bathroom. She cleaned up quickly and quietly, putting on her fresh change of underwear and dress from her bag. Slipping into her shoes she checked her bag for the cash he had given her at the start of the night, confirming she had everything she slipped out of the motel room. Even with her coat wrapped tightly around herself the air was chilled. 

She glanced around the parking lot before making her way to her car. Getting in she locked the doors and started the engine. Glancing at the dash clock 1.23am blinked back at her. What a night. 

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