Curves for days – Mitchell & Emily Part 1


(A fictional office spicy romance story by P.K. Croft with a new part added each week.)

The dreams had started again. In all the stress of finalising his divorce, Mitchell hadn’t had a single one in weeks. Admittedly he had not been getting much sleep at all which could have explained it. Now that things were finally settled and he’d received the divorce confirmation the day before he’d slept like a log that night. That is until about 3am when she took over his dreams.

It was now Wednesday morning, unable to get back to sleep Mitchell had headed into the office early. Distracting himself with accounts and churning out paperwork. Finishing another long email he stared blankly at his desk as the memory of his dream passed through his mind…

Light brown hair falling in waves over creamy breasts. Tight rose-coloured nipples begging to be licked. Her body stretched out on his bed, all bare skin and silk sheets. Running his hands up the length of her body, squeezing the plump flesh of her thighs. Feeling her tremble as his hands brush the flesh of her belly. She watches him as he takes her hands lifting them above her head. His hands secure around each of her wrists, holding them down against the mattress. His body stretched out over hers, keeping her down and under his control. His naked body hot to the touch pressed close against her. The only sound is the soft whimpers that fall from her lips as he tastes her neck. Licking and kissing at first before he presses his teeth to her skin making her gasp.

The vision shifts and she’s on all fours, her hair twisted in his hand, head pulled back. She cries out as he slams his body against her, driving his cock inside her with wet slaps. He glanced up from his desk to see Emily approach his office, as though summoned by his thoughts. He stills, a furrow appearing between his brows as he shifts in his seat, his cock straining against the fabric of his pants. He slowly slides further under his desk hiding the bulge from view.

“Good morning Boss, I’m making coffee, can I get you one?” She asks stepping into his office and approaching his desk. She smiles sweetly at him, her brown eyes bright and unguarded. She’s wearing a cream coloured button up shirt with ruffles at her shoulders matched with a soft orange skirt that looked like it would brush along her skin every time she walked. She looked beautiful and sweet, just as she did every day.

“Thank you, yeah that would be great,” he says letting out a breath he didn’t realise he’d been holding. She flashes him her brilliant smile, turns and leaves his office. She heads towards the kitchen and he watches her through the floor-to-ceiling windows of his office. Her skirt hugging her ass with sinful promise. He stares after her as more mental images rush forward. His hands all over her, removing the frilly shirt until he can look his fill of her luscious skin. His hands grabbing at her waist and ass in greedy handfuls as he bends her over his desk.

He takes in a deep breath to try and regain some focus, quickly realising this was a huge mistake. Her perfume lingers in his office, the sweetness of rose honey and jasmine fill his lungs, instantly he pictures his mouth on her neck inhaling her scent. Kissing a trail over her shoulder as she rubs against him mewling with need.

“Fuck” he mutters under his breath. If he thought he was hard before, he’s definitely in trouble now.

He berated himself for his lack of control. He needed to cool off before she came back with his coffee. Her body was only the half of it. Ever since Emily had started working for the company he’d noticed the beginnings of his attraction to her, she radiated warmth and enthusiasm like some kind of mythical nymph. No matter his mood, he found his spirits lifted just from her presence. She always seemed to have answers to his problems, he’d found himself seeking her out for answers he probably should have managed himself. He’d been married and had never considered exploring the attraction, she was much younger and he had never thought of himself falling for that old cliché.

He liked her was all he’d told himself. She had such a sweet demeanor and friendly helpful nature, everyone liked her. He’d always made sure to be professional, just like any other co-working relationship. She was like sunshine, always smiling and helping people. It made him feel like an asshole for having such twisted fantasies. He feared that was the appeal. Taking this sweet lovely creature and corrupting her, driving her to depraved depths with lust and pleasure.

“Double shot latte, no sugar” Emily said as she placed the mug on his desk and turned again to leave.

“Thanks, looks great,” he said moving back to his computer and avoiding her gaze. He could see her leave from the corner of his eye.

He heard Emily call out in greeting, his thoughts now interrupted he stopped scrolling through the reminder email and focused on the voices just outside his office.

“Morning to you too sweet cheeks.” He could hear their newest team member Chris reply. He’d been there just over six months, Mitchell had been excited at the prospect of adding new talent to the team. Chris had some great ideas and always followed them through. Their newest team member’s office was downstairs but he was often up here for meetings booked in the big conference room. Mitchell couldn’t remember there being any meetings booked this morning and frowned at the doorway.

“I was hoping for one of your incredible coffees, but it looks like I missed the morning run.”

“We feed the caffeine addiction early up here.” Mitchell could hear the smile in her voice and felt his stomach twist uncomfortably.

“Put me out of my misery and let me take you away from here.”

“Still trying to be my white knight? Planning to keep me locked away in a castle?”

“Let’s start with dinner and see where we end up. Tomorrow night.. what do you say?”

“Thursdays are always busy for me, I have plans tomorrow,” Emily tells him.

“Chris!” Mitchell calls slightly more loudly than the distance called for “I need a word.”

“That’s not a no,” Chris replies with his voice lowered, “duty calls, I’m putting a pin in this,” Chris tells Emily smugly before proceeding into Mitchell’s office.

He sees Emily continue past his office through the glass, shaking her head and smiling. Mitchell’s frown deepens. He needed to get his mind out of his pants and back on work.

“Hey Mitchell,” Chris says closing the door to Mitchell’s office and proceeding to take a seat “I was coming up here to see you too. I’ve finalised those projections you were after and I’ve sent them through, I wasn’t sure if you wanted to run through them before the meeting this afternoon.”

“Thanks, yes, I hadn’t seen that. Let’s start there.”

They caught up on each other the projects Mitchell updating him on where things stood at his end. Chris had some great progress and so Mitchell pushed the scene with Emily to the back of his mind. They had some big meetings coming up, they couldn’t let the progress they’d been making slow down.

Besides, she was an adult, Chris was a nice guy. They could date if they wanted to. He clenched his jaw at the thought. He pictured it in his mind; Chris taking her to dinner, his hand resting on her back as he walked her into the restaurant, playing with her hand as they sat opposite one another. Emily getting all dressed up for him, one of those dresses that hugged her in all the right places. Giving him her brilliant smile while she plays with the stem of her wine glass… all of her attention on him. Chris’ hand on her afterwards, kissing her full lips, sliding his hand under her dress. Mitchell’s pulse was racing. He watched Chris carry on his update and wanted to smash his face in. How dare he even think he was good enough to touch her.

“Great, good!” Mitchell interrupted Chris and stood “That’s everything. Nice work Chris, let me know how this next meeting goes and if you need anything from me.” Mitchell shook Chris’ hand a little too tightly before he released it watching the other man leave his office.

He was just wondering how he could book meetings downstairs so that Chris wouldn’t spend as much time near her when a notification sounded. It was a reminder about the company announcement that afternoon. He’d forgotten that was today. He’d be announcing the team bonuses. It had been such an amazing year he’d wanted to reward the teams efforts with a few events and celebrations. He’d got input from the whole team on things they’d enjoy most and he had the final say.

He had settled on a sizable bonus for every team member, while events were fun he knew they would all appreciate some freedom and a nice bonus would help them decide on a reward of their own. He’d be letting them all know that afternoon. They’d worked hard and it felt only fitting that they would share in the results of that work.

After a slow morning, the rest of the day flies by. He’d stopped by Emily’s desk twice but she’d not been there. The afternoon came quickly and everyone had gathered in the boardroom for the announcement. The news of their lump sum bonuses was received with enthusiasm and toasting. He’d let them know they also had a few events planned but wanted to keep some surprises so he gave them the dates he’d like them to keep free and then everyone was dismissed for the day.

He was back in his office determined to wrap up everything so he wouldn’t have to be back online until the following day. A gentle knock at his door and he looked over to find Emily holding some files.

“Hey boss, I just wanted to see if you needed anything? I’m just taking these to the boardroom ready for the morning.” She said indicating the files in her arms.

“Um, no. Thank you, I’m all set,” he replied almost regretfully, his mind scrambling desperately trying to think of a reason to keep her there.

“I also wanted to thank you again for the bonus. It is very generous and everyone is already excited to make a repeat performance this year.” She praised, her eyes shining over at him like he was her hero. Fuck it felt good to have her look at him that way. Like some kind of White Knight rather than just the CEO doing his job.

“You earned it,” he told her in all earnestness “I’m sure there were more than your fair share of late nights working to get ahead on things. It wasn’t an easy win and you were integral to our success.”

“I’ve never minded late nights, I love the project work and seeing it all come together.” She admitted, breathing in a rush she continued “speaking of late nights, I was wondering how much longer you’ll be?”

“Oh, not long, I’ve just got a couple of emails I wanted to reply to before I call it a night. Everything ok?”

“Oh yeah, fine. It’s just that I had to park at the far end of the garage this morning, I was in later having picked up the wine and hampers for the meeting. Anyway, the lights and security aren’t so great back there. I hate to bother you, I know I’m just being paranoid but would you mind walking me out when you’re done?”

“Of course, I’ll be maybe half an hour? That ok?” He would be able to get at least one of those emails done in that time, everything else could wait.

“Perfect, thank you so much. I’ll get these sorted and do the kitchen bits. Just let me know when you’re ready.” She smiled at him and his dick twitched, the traitor. Only Emily could get him hard with a smile. She moved off to the boardroom, hips swaying, her lush breasts pressed to the folders. Shit, maybe this was a terrible idea. He couldn’t make himself regret it though.

He spent the next half hour willing his cock to settle and racing through emails. He shrugged on his coat, grabbed his keys and phone and left his office heading over to Emily’s desk.

“Ok, I’m heading out. Are you ready?” He asked as she looked up from her computer. Her cheeks flushed and she looked away quickly turning the screen off.

“Yes, all done” she stood up instantly to put her coat on and then threw her bag over her shoulder.

“How’s the workload now that you’ve launched?” he asked as he followed her lead to the elevators wondering what she had been looking flustered over.

“Um, Cassy had been pushing the team pretty hard but it’s definitely better now that we’ve launched the new campaign.”

“She’s always been ambitious, no doubt she has some big goals to out-do last years performance. If it ever gets too much let me know. She sometimes loses sight of other peoples priorities and we want the team to enjoy their projects not feel overwhelmed by them.”

“It’s good that you can both still work together, it can’t have been easy figuring it all out. I don’t know if I’d be as put together if I had to work alongside my ex. “

“Well, we have always worked well with each other.” He told her as they reached the lift and he pushed the button. “It’s different but I think we both needed different at this point. I’m glad things are all settled, we’re both in better places with it all now.” He confessed, knowing it was true. He might have been the one to instigate the separation over a year ago but Cassy had been the one to ask for the divorce. She was thriving and they both were moving on. The lift arrived and they both stepped in.

“So you’re not against the idea of office relationships, after everything?” She asked gently.

“No, not at all,” he huffed out, the image of Chris asking her out moving into his mind “just because it didn’t work out for us doesn’t mean it couldn’t work.” He finished, his hands fisting in his pockets. “Chris is fitting in well, he seems unable to go a day without seeing you.” He wanted to cringe at himself for even putting it out there. It was none of his business who she dated or didn’t date. But he couldn’t help it, she clearly wanted to pursue it if she was asking about office relationships.

“Chris? Oh ha, no. He’s a shameless flirt that enjoys a challenge. I’m sure if I had of agreed to a date when he first asked we would have had fun realised we have nothing in common and he’d have lost interest by now. I’m tempted to go just so he’ll give up, but that also feels like letting him win” she laughs “he’s really not my type, a great guy but not for me.” She finished and something in his gut seemed to settle.

“Are you seeing anyone?” He was surprised to hear her ask, looking over at him from her side of the lift. She was just being polite, he told himself. She saw him as her boss, just another colleague at the office.

He cleared his throat “No, it’s been so long since I’ve been on the scene. Some friends saw fit to set me up on a few dates, taking pity on me. I’m in no hurry at any rate.” he finished just as the lift arrived at the parking garage. Looking around the garage he could see there were still a few cars, including his own. Right down the back he could make out a Volvo sitting all on its own and they made their way over. It did look dodgy back there, he’d have to talk to security about getting some more lights fitted and the cameras fixed.

“You’ll figure it out, you’re too much of a catch to be single for long.” Emily smiles at him and moves out of the lift. Momentarily stunned he snaps back to focus and follows her across the parking garage. She saw him as a catch did she?

“I don’t know about being a catch, I’ve been told I work too much and I’m a selfish bastard in the bedroom.” As soon as the words left his mouth he wished he could eat them. She was going to feel uncomfortable, he’d ruined their easy conversation. He opened his mouth to apologise when he caught sight of her looking at him, her eyes round pupils dilated and her lips parted in a slight O. They’d reached her car and come to a stop, her key was in her hand ready to unlock it.

“What exactly do you mean by selfish?” She asked on an exhale. He imagined that was exactly what her questions would sound like after he buried his cock deep inside her pussy. All breathy and intrigued. He couldn’t tell if she was shocked and offended or just surprised at his directness. Fuck, he needed to put a lid on this pronto. He didn’t want her to see him for the depraved pervert he was when it came to her. He needed those smiles, her soft voice.

“Forget I said that Emily, it was inappropriate. I seem to have made myself too comfortable talking with you, please forgive me.” He asked her, his eyes searching hers.

“There’s nothing to forgive. I want you to feel comfortable talking with me, it makes me happy.”

“Ok, well I don’t want to overstep. I just want you to know how much I appreciate you. I don’t know what the past 6 months would have been like without you.” He confessed glad that she wasn’t taking offense at his crude words. He smiled at her and she gazed back at him, biting her bottom lip.

“I actually have a bit of a confession,” she moved closer to him, her eyes fixed on his face, her smile turning heated as she looked up at him beneath her lashes. “I might have a crush on you,” she confides, her eyes staying glued to his face. “I might have also had an ulterior motive tonight. I want to know if you’d be open to going on a date some time…” her cheeks flush red as she stops a foot away from him.

Before he knew what was happening he’d closed the distance between them, her hands lifting to his shoulders as he pulled her close hands tight on her waist. His lips found her instantly, just a slight pressure, before he realised what he was doing. Instinctively he waited to see if she’d welcome his kiss. A quiet moan left her before he felt her lips part and her tongue move slowly over the seam of his lips. He was instantly hard, her body pressed so tightly against his, her hand on his shoulder, the other making its way up his spine and into his hair. He opened his mouth needing to taste her properly. Finally his dream was coming true. Emily, his Emily was pressed up against him, her tongue gliding along his. It wasn’t like his dreams though, it was way fucking better. He could get lost in this women, he’d gladly stay here tasting each and every millimeter of her mouth. His tongue moved more hungrily against hers, deepening the kiss, demanding everything from her. She tasted of cherries and fucking magic. He was high on her, an addict craving her like nothing he’d ever experienced before. He felt her teeth take hold of his bottom lip and gently bit into it. The sensation sent shivers down his chest and straight to his cock. He groaned enjoying the little sway her hips were doing over his crotch. Her lips pulled away from his with a slight pop, “I’ll take that as a yes” she said breathless, licking her lips she stood back and unlocked her car. She opened the door and looked over at him.

“Night Mitchell, see you in the morning,” she slipped into her car, started the engine and pulled away. He made his way back to his car, his mind racing and his cock pulsing. What the fuck had just happened?


Part 2 Coming soon 

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