lust-filled memories

Laying awake in bed very late last night, it might have been very early this morning, I couldn’t stop thinking about you.

I’ve been so warm I can’t sleep with blankets, they end up pushed off the bed. My nighty riding up from tossing and turning with need. I close my eyes and move my hands over my breasts feeling my nipples get hard, parting my legs the cold air touching my wet pussy sending shivers all over my body. I want to call you, hear your voice all sleepy and perfect.

I turn on my side imagining you’re beside me. I wiggle into you, your arm instinctively draping over me. I can feel your erection against my bum and I sway my hips in tiny motions, feeling you throb and pulse. I move my hips more diligently, trying to wake you but keep you in that half asleep state of bliss. I take your cock in my hand and start to play with you, gently teasing and pulling, wanting you to cum while you sleep.

You wake up and grunt at me, rolling me on to my stomach pinning my arms at my side. I sigh feeling your body pressed against mine, I crave that skin on skin touch.

“Were you trying to make me cum?” you ask accusingly, “You know the rules babe, I cum inside you until you’re pregnant.” You thrust your hips into me, I part my legs and lift my hips, a silent invitation for you to slide inside me. You hold my wrists more tightly, imagining what it will be like when I’m pregnant. You force your cock into my wet pussy, thrusting so hard your balls slap into my arse. I can feel how full they are as you thrust.

“Is this what you want baby?” you ask me as you increase the pace. I moan and you feel my body respond, so wet and accepting of you “Yes,” I gasp “don’t stop.”

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