Contribution – Mr S

I have an active imagination and different fantasies go through my mind, but a prominent one at the moment involves a younger acquaintance of mine who occasionally sucks my cock for a bit of help towards her tuition fees.

So the fantasy is that we are messaging to arrange a bj session and I note that it’s been a long time since I’ve had two mouths servicing my cock and does she have a friend who might be able to help with that.

She says she does and leave it with her to make the arrangements. I arrive at her place at the appointed time to be greeted by her nude as usual … she is a curvy bbw and very cheeky. She leads me to her room. A petite redhead, also naked, is crouched on the bed masturbating. I get out my swollen cock and the redhead licks the pre-cum off my head and then energetically sucks me, taking in at least 6 in of my thick 8 in with each stroke. Soon my lovely bbw bj buddy is tenderly licking my balls, we lick and suck each other for ages, the tastes of their pussies mingling on my tongue …

I have got to sit on this cock! Red squeals, and she mounts me. Her tight pussy feels exquisite with no barrier reducing the sensations on my cockhead. She bounces while BBW rides my face. I explore both her holes with my tongue while she kisses Red and plays with her tits, helping Red to reach a long and loud cum while I pump a stream of hot semen into her cunt.

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