Contribution – Maxton

We meet at a cafe, you see me sitting there sipping on a black coffee admiring the scenery. You turn up in a wearing  short skirt, button up shirt and a bright pink bra underneath. You come up to my table, pulling a chair out, making sure you bend over just enough so that I catch a glimpse of the underwear you’re wearing underneath. While we are sitting there, you mention all the kinky things you want me to do to you. You whisper this loud enough for me to hear, but softly enough not to catch the attention of others. Underneath the table, the budge of my pants is getting bigger and bigger. You notice, stand up, and sit on my lap so that your moist underwear is right on top of my erection, teasing me with a peak on the cheek. You unbutton the top buttons of your shirt, exposing your plump breasts and your bra. My hand moves towards my pants, unzipping them and revealing my erect cock. While you’re still sitting on top of me, I move your panties to the side and inserting my cock, while trying to not draw attention from the public.

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