The boy next door

2am came at last and I left the bar I had been working at. Bar-tending was definitely not my calling but when you’re studying you take what you can get that wont interfere with Uni.  It had been a fairly quiet night and I’d managed to make a start on some of the studying I had to finish by the next week. I was more glad than ever about the 5 minute walk to my unit.

I noticed T, my neighbour, had his light on and his curtains were drawn. His shape could be seen as he moved around his front room. We’d met a few times in passing, he had this half smile that always got me. No one should have a smile that amazing, he always made me want to take my pants off.

He worked security so it wasn’t unusual for him to still be up this time of night. Someone stood up next to him and they kissed, I suppose it was his girlfriend, when they had finished she got on her knees and it looked like she was sucking him. Lucky girl.

I realised I’d been standing there for an inappropriate amount of time when his light went out. I went into my unit and daydreamed it was me who had been going down on him. Fat chance but I live in hope.

Looks like I’ll be watching porn and giving my pussy a workout.

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