I’m a lady… take my pants off

I am just sitting here, waiting for you, wishing it was your hand sliding down my body, pinching, rubbing. With my words seducing you, and pleasuring you, tempting you to come to me.

I message you a picture, a tease. My words are probably having their way with you, right now. Running around in that mind of yours, putting dirty images there, thoughts that you never knew you wanted, but will never forget.

Persuading you to try things, feeling things that you’ve never felt. Levels of pleasure and pain, while exploring regions of your body that you never knew existed. I want to hear you cum for me. I want you to touch yourself and think of me.

I wish I could hear you moan or just watch you touch yourself. See you there with your eyes closed, legs a part while you stroke and rub your cock. Seeing you enjoy the feeling, getting closer to the edge and slowing down, making it last.

But, instead I am just sitting here, waiting for you. While you are over there, with my words, touching you.

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