Sex in the sky

Mr X and I had been flirting at work for months. Always discreetly, he was already going through a divorce and dating co-workers was more than frowned upon and for good reason, I usually agreed.

It had started when he was away from the office for work and I needed to use his computer while repairs where being done on mine. He must have been horny and working late because his browser history was full of sexy office porn. He had no idea I’d seen it so I decided to start dropping hints that I was into him.

I’d make sure to wear the fashion from his favourite porn videos, short skirts and button down shirts, when I knew he was in the office. We had already worked on a few projects together so it was easy to put my hand up for more.

Our annual conference had come up so it was no surprise to hear that he would be going this year, when he usually didn’t go.

We attended the first day of the conference, followed by dinner with our group, luckily it was going to be an early start the next morning so everyone turned in just after dinner. Mr X and I had planned to meet in my room just after midnight.

I set the perfect scene, lacey revealing underwear, stockings skin tight and thigh high. A very short pencil skirt and a white shirt with a few too many buttons undone. I had been teasing him all day in this outfit. Brushing up against him at different opportunities. He’d find ways to touch my thighs just below my skirt driving me mad with wanting.

A knock sounds at my door and I let Mr X in. He moves into the room, his eyes locked with mine. He stands back and admires me for a few moments, just savouring the moment and taking it all in. I can’t help but be turned on by that dominant look in his eyes, like he is picturing everything I have fantasised about since finding the porn on his computer.

I smile as he watches me, the curtains behind me wide open, parading my body for all to see below, but I am dressed for him, dressed to please.

He watches, as I undo my shirt and let it fall to the floor, I flaunt my body from high above to anyone who might be looking. Quite the show it will be I’m sure. But it’s a show for him though, a game for us.

He moved over to me taking my face in his hands and kissing me. I run my hands down his chest to his belt. While I undo it with one hand I start rubbing him through his pants with the other. He moans and grabs me by the arms, moving me to the bed. He turns me so my back it against his chest and he starts kissing my neck, still restraining my arms.

I feel him undo the buttons of his shirt, it falls away and I can feel his bare chest against my back, I feel the warmth of his skin as he runs his hands over my breasts, unclasping my bra and dropping it to the floor…

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