More from the boy next door

I bumped into the boy on my way to work, he was out to get some food and drinks for a party he was having that night.

“You should come! It would be good to actually hang out, I feel like we should know more about each other, living so close by.” He finished with one of those smiles that got me weak at the knees. I promised to try, I was working until 2am but if things got quiet I might be able to finish early. I said I’d try to swing by.

“I hope you can make it.” He sounded genuine and kept smiling that damn half smile at me. We parted ways and I turned down the street to the bar.

Work was flat out and we were short on staff. Of all the nights for it to be crazy it had to be tonight. I was relieved and disappointed at the same time. I really wanted to spend more time with T, but I kind of wanted him all to myself and I knew he couldn’t be into me seeing he had a girlfriend.

2am arrived and we were finally able to kick everyone out. I was tired and ready to call it a night. I wondered if I should take the long way home so I wouldn’t have to walk past my neighbour’s place. I dismissed the idea quickly, it was 2am after all and wandering the streets was not a good idea.

As I got closer to my unit I could see people leaving T’s place, it looks like there was still a lot going on but they had turned the music down. There were people making out at the front of the house, looks like it must have been a good party.

I moved past the house and unlocked my door, determined to have a hot shower and go to bed. As I closed the door I could hear a crowd yelling next door, I couldn’t make out what they were saying but it sounded like glass smashing and general drunken behavior.

I figured I’d leave them to it, I didn’t have to break it up I was off the clock. I stripped off my t-shirt and jeans and stepped into my shower.

I’d just stepped out of the shower and started to dry off when my doorbell rang. I was going to ignore it assuming it had to be some of the partygoers next door, and then it rang again and I could hear someone calling my name. I threw my cotton dressing gown on and went to the door and opened it a crack so I could see who was there.

It was T.

“Oh hey I saw your light come on so figured you must have finished work. You didn’t stop by?” He asked me leaning against the door frame, he smelled faintly of bourbon, cigarettes and man.

“I didn’t finish work until late and it looked like things were winding up when I walked past, although it seemed to pick up a bit before, sounded worse than a bar fight.”

“Sorry about that, one of my mates caught his girlfriend in the spare room with someone else. You missed a fun night” he said sarcastically “It’s wrapping up now, I just wanted to make sure you were ok. We’ll keep it down now I promise. You heading to bed?”

Thank god I hadn’t been drinking or I might have invited him to join me. He was just being a thoughtful neighbour, it was a loud party, he wanted to make sure I wouldn’t call the cops or something. “Yeah, it’s been a big week. Looking forward to doing nothing tomorrow. It seemed like a good party for the most part, maybe I’ll catch the next one.” I said giving him a smile. I must have opened the door further while we were talking because he was looking at me all of me now, there was nothing neighbourly about that look. His friendly smile gone, a hungry look replacing it. That was when I realised I was still damp from my shower and my cotton robe was probably leaving very little to the imagination.

I could feel my nipples tighten under his gaze, wanting him to touch them, taste them. It was all down hill in my mind from there. I had to say goodnight before I embarrassed myself. Before I could excuse myself he grinned at me and fished his phone out of his pocked.

“Why don’t you give me your number, I’ll prank you so you have mine, that way next time I have a party I can just text you. Or if it gets too loud over there you can tell me to shut up.” He looked at me expectantly. I didn’t hesitate and gave him my number. He put his phone to his ear and we heard my phone ringing in the other room.

“Perfect” he said looking me over one more time, that half smile returning in full force. “Goodnight.”

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