Dreaming of you…

I love it when I have a completely plan free day. Having the house to myself so I can laze around and do anything I want.

On days like this I love opening my curtains when I wake up and letting the cool air brush over my body. I like to stay in the half sleeping half waking place, gently letting my fingers move over my skin. It’s easy to imagine you here, sleeping next to me, your naked body so warm and soft in the morning. I can’t help but wish you were here, your fingers replacing mine, every touch making me tingle wanting sex.

I stretch and enjoy being naked with all the time in the world. My window open, only a few branches from a tree outside between me and anyone who cares to look.

My nipples tighten as I imagine you laying next to me, sound asleep as I take my vibrator and slowly slide the tip inside my wet opening. I know how you hate it when I use a toy instead of you. I’m so turned on from dreaming of you, having you cum inside me again and again, it doesn’t take me long to cum and then collapse on my bed, legs spread wide, the fresh air ticking my wet pussy.

This is going to be a good day.

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  1. trisguardian says:

    You’re amazing. Love those days too

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