Dirty shower

I had a dream that we met at a hotel, I had a few days off and thought it would be fun to surprise you. I’d texted you the hotel and my room number, like we’d talked about, and you didn’t hesitate, you left work early and met me in my room. We were on each other in seconds, playing all afternoon and up all night fucking like rabbits. In the morning I was trying to wake you up, felt guilty for keeping you up and making you miss work. I ran a shower for you to tempt you out of bed.

The steam started filling the bathroom, I pulled the covers off you and kissed your neck. You woke up enough to let me lead you into the steamy bathroom and step into the shower with me.

The water was perfect, so hot on our tired muscles. Your left hand slid down my wet body, your chest was pressed against me pinning me to the wall, my arms wrapping around you and holding you to me. “You need to get ready for work” I say feathering kisses over your jaw “you’ll be late”.

You slide your hand over the edge of my breast, knowing my nipples would already be erect from brushing against your chest. “I’m not going in today, there’s no way I’m leaving, not today.” You slide your hand down the curves of my body, over my hip and onto my thigh… all the time kissing me.

I can feel your cock throbbing against my thigh, I want to taste it so bad, feel it in my mouth, knowing how crazy that would make you. You release one of my hands and I instantly take your cock in my hand, stroking you, enjoying the silky hot feel of you in my palm. You grab my hand pinning it back up above me making it clear you’re calling the shots.

Your hand moves between my legs and starts sliding up… the anticipation making my clit throb, how much I want to give me everything.

Fingers now brushing against me, over my skin, you’re looking for that spot that would finally push me over the edge.

You stop kissing me briefly to whisper into my ear “I want to feel you cum as I’m deep inside you.”

The sound of your voice whispering in my ear, so close and intimate makes me wet with lust for you. My legs start to shake at the thought of you deep inside me. Even after hours of sex with you I can’t get enough of the feel of your body against mine. The hot water runs over our naked bodies making me tingle and ache.

As our lips press together, I feel your tongue slide inside my mouth and I press myself closer to you urging you to move your hand closer, needing to feel your fingers inside me. I moan against your kiss as you oblige and slide two fingers inside, keeping your thumb against my clit. Your mouth moves to my neck where you bite and kiss me. You drive me crazy with your fingers, sliding them in and out, circling your thumb and teasing me.

We kiss and I tell you “I want you inside me, I need to cum now!” You press against me more firmly and I feel your need against my thigh. You’re amused by my impatience and tell me you want to let it build, you want to make me cum hard. I start to rock my hips as you slide your fingers down to my wet pussy. I can feel your hard cock throbbing against my thigh with each movement of my hips.

I slide my hand down and take your cock in my palm, you catch your breath as I gently squeeze and pull on you. My movements matching yours as you tease and play inside me. You take my mouth with yours again and bite my lip as you increase the rhythm of your hand. I cry out and shudder as I cum with your hand buried inside me, I fall against you, so satisfied and giddy. You always know what buttons to push.

I look up at you and smile before getting on my knees in front of you. The water runs down your chest and back, splashing down on me. I start by wrapping my hand around your cock and moving my head to the tip. I open my mouth and tease your head with my tongue as I move my hand along the length of you. You watch me as I stroke you before I take you deep into my mouth.

I taste your precum and feel you get harder as I lick and tease your delicious cock. Your hands move into my hair and you moan your pleasure. You start to get close to the edge and you move my head away lifting me up and pressing my back against the shower wall. My legs wrap around you the instant you bury your thick cock inside me.

“Oh fuck mmm harder baby.” I can’t get enough of you, my hands clutch at you, my fingernails digging in with each thrust you make inside me. We’re locked together, the water and our own liquid noises sound in an endless rhythm.

“You like that don’t you, you want me to cum inside you baby, tell me you want it.” You watch my face, seeing everything you make me feel.

“Cum inside me” I moan breathlessly closing my eyes and feeling you bring me over the edge. That was all you needed, thrusting deep inside I can feel your release. You moan and say my name as we climax together.

You let go of my legs and I stand up, taking a washer and cleaning us both up. Out of the shower we towel off and I take your hand leading you back to bed. We get in under the covers, pressed against each other kissing gently, satisfied… for now.

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