Lustful thoughts

Lying in bed, not wanting to get up, letting my hands wander while I imagine…

You kiss your way down my jaw, licking and nipping at my neck and then lower, my chest flushed scarlet and heaving. My breast are tender and my nipples tight with arousal. You devour my left nipple, sucking and nipping with need. When you bite down on the tip I inhale sharply, my fingertips raking the skin of your back as you slide your hand down between my legs.

I’m so wet, soaked for you.

You lower yourself down and grasp my knees, pushing my legs apart exposing my most private, vulnerable part. My pink folds glistening, I moan softly wanting more, needing you to touch me.

You start slowly, kissing and licking a train from my knee up my inner thigh, a slow, deliberate torture.

Finally you’re close enough I can feel your breath against me, you take a long slow lick of my silky sex. As soon as your tongue met my delicate skin I gasp. You slide your tongue along my folds and my legs part wider in response.

My chest rises and falls with irregular breaths with each lazy stroke of your tongue. You reach up and roll my nipple around in your fingertips. My back arches and I moan wanting to feel you inside me, your tongue driving me wild. You watch my face as you slide one finger inside, owning me, then another finger. My lips part as you stroke and play with me. I’m completely yours.


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