Take me to the spring

I was staying with Gemma when you stopped by for a visit. You’d planned to drop off some of her stuff, doing the brotherly thing after she had moved. I was staying over to help her unpack and do a catch up. We’d met a few times at parties and gatherings, I’d always sort of had a thing for you but assumed it was one sided.

I walk out of the bedroom in my bathers declaring we’re heading to the spring for a swim. Gemma’s phone rang and she left the room. You don’t look me in the eye at first, trying to be the gentlemen an avoid looking and my half naked body. I finally catch your eye and grin at you, hoping you’ll be interested in joining us for a dip. I slide the dress I had in my hand over my head, Gemma comes back into the room and says her on again off again boyfriend, Paul, is coming over. She says she wants to be there for when he arrives and bullies you into taking me to the spring, you give in and agree to stay. 

The walk up to the springs is steep and we’re all sweaty and ready for a swim by the time we reached the top. We arrive and see there is no one else there, just perfectly clear water surrounded by rocks and trees.

I hear you stop walking as I reach the edge of the water and ease my feet in. You didn’t know that my two piece had even less coverage than you’d seen at the house, the shoe-string thong being revealed as I slip my dress off ready to get into the water.

It feels amazing on my skin, velvety and cool. “You coming in?”

You make your way to the edge and take off your tshirt and I turn and start swimming around in circles. I find a smooth rock submerged as a perfect seat under the water right near the edge of the pool. I sit there and enjoy the sun shining on my face. I can feel your eyes on me, the water shifts as you swim closer.

You tell me how stunning I look and that I have a beautiful body. I giggle and blush slightly, looking at you sitting next to me. I enjoy looking at your strong body as the water falls away, I move closer to you and tell you how much I enjoyed watching your arse as we walked up the hill. I tell you how sexy you look and that I was really glad we are alone. You’re hesitant as I lean in towards you, my lips finding yours. Our sweet soft kiss turns needy and you grab my shoulders the kiss deepening. Your hands running down my back to my ass and squeezing it hard. I move closer and onto your lap, wrapping my arms around your neck. Your tongue explores my mouth as I feel your erection against me. I start twisting my hips slightly, rubbing myself against you.

You pull your mouth away from mine and look at me. I give you an innocent smile “You ok?” you kiss me hard as your reply, your hands finding my hips and grinding them against you.

“How much do you want me?” I whisper into your ear as I slide my hand between us and feel your cock straining against your shorts. You groan as I stroke you, I can feel my body getting ready, everything tingling with anticipation.

You stop, lifting me off your lap sitting me on the rock, you swim to the centre of the pool. My head still spinning from your kisses when I hear voices getting closer to the spring. As the voices get closer I can hear Gemma and Paul, I look over at you only to catch your wicked grin before Gemma announces their arrival by jumping into the water.

To be continued…





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