His baby girl

I’ve been thinking a lot about couples I’ve met, followed, known, or been a part of and this one in particular came to mind today.

This husband and wife, both in their 20s had a blog I followed. It was all about their shared desire to use photos and stories of themselves together in very intimate settings online.  I loved how open they were with their readers but also how expressive they were with each other.

Their about section mentioned how they had met online, through individual blogs and after getting to know each other they decided to meet up in person and share some of their mutual fantasies. Six months later they were married and had started their shared blog. They posted intimate photos but their faces were never revealed. This just made it all the more romantic to me, the mystery and possibility that they lived down the street.

They had a sub/dom relationship and the women liked to dress as a baby girl, dummy, bibs, adult diapers and all. To be honest the images were always so tastefully done that it didn’t seem like a kink, even though it clearly was. This was the first time I’d heard about this kind of fetish and while it’s not something I picture for myself I was so glad to have this introduction by such an incredible couple.

Now, while the husband enjoyed being a daddy, this particular aspect of the relationship was not a fetish of his. In a Q&A session he answered a lot of questions about their relationship and their sub/dom roles. He was also asked if the costume bothered him.

His reply was exquisite and I wish I could find it to share with you. He spoke about the love he had for his wife and how he knew acting and dressing this way made her feel safe. He said that the costume was not a particular turn on for him, but that his wife was. The acceptance and lack of judgement was so beautiful. I couldn’t get enough of the deepness of it, the anonymity giving everyone the freedom to ask and learn when in any other space there would be judgments and rejection.

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  1. mercutio says:

    That’s a lovely story

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    1. xxyourholly says:

      The deepest connections always fascinate me

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      1. mercutio says:

        Me too. Whether they’re in a simple moment of understanding or recognition or a more encompassing mingling of selves

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      2. xxyourholly says:

        That’s so good, I totally agree

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