I wish so many things for us. That our paths had crossed sooner, that we were able to follow this dream.

You ask so many things of me, breaking through my walls and knowing the very depths of my desires.

I’ve dreamed about a life with you, deep conversations, passion and intimacy. In truth you’re unhappy, not unhappy enough to make real change. You just want some relief, an addition to fit in where you want it. Our life would be a replacement, and exchange. The life you have for one you picture. But it wouldn’t be that way, you’d always be responsible for what you have.

I wish we had our own time. That you didn’t need bindings before you’d do what you need to do to be happy. If there is one thing I’ve learned this year it’s that you have the power to improve your life.

A new year. A time for change and moving on. I wish I didn’t want you so much.

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  1. That Husband says:

    Is that you in the picture?


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