But first…

I’m actually not sure what I would do first.

Kiss you senseless.

Bury my face in your neck.

Run my hands up under your shirt just to feel your skin, your heartbeat. Pull your shirt up and take a bite of your pec.

Grab two handfuls of your butt cheeks.

Kiss your nose. And your chin. Drop to my knees, stare into your eyes, and unbutton you. Pull your pants down and bury my face in the crease of your thigh, while still grasping your cheeks.

And just stay there.

Long minutes.

Until I feel like you’re finally in my lungs.

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  1. jaimhe says:

    Inspiringly arousing

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  2. jaimhe says:



  3. mercutio says:

    Long minutes indeed. How about all of the above? And then…

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