Be my guest

I have two room-mates, Nate, and Jess. Jess’s boyfriend Dale had been coming around in the evenings to see her, but recently he’s started arriving before she’s got home from work. He’s charming and gorgeous so I don’t mind in the least.

I work weekends and some evenings and am usually home, so being a good hostess I let him in to wait. I’ve been wearing less and less of an evening, I’m unsure if its the warm weather or I’m teasing this off-limits guy.

A few weeks ago he came over, I let him in and I resumed my position laying on the living room floor in front of my laptop, watching YouTube videos. I’m lying on my stomach in my denim shorts and singlet and all of a sudden he lays down next to me, asking me what I’m watching. He would usually sit on the couch or waits in my room mates bedroom so this was different.

It was just videos for Uni I tell him, very aware of his body stretched out next to mine. While we watch the screen his hand moves to my exposed back, my singlet having ridden up from pressing against the carpet. His hand is so warm and gentle. I can feel his eyes on me, maybe waiting for me to protest or move away.

He slips his hand in my shorts squeezing my cheeks, I hear a deep grunt of longing from him before he moves closer. “I’ve thought about nothing but this arse for weeks” he tells me, his hand moving further down my shorts until its cupped around my pussy, a breath escapes me as I stare back at him and he starts to rub my pussy and then slides a few fingers in. I part my legs instinctively loving the feeling of his fingers sliding in and out. I start to moan my pleasure and he presses up against my side, sliding his free hand up my singlet and over my breast. He was panting in my ear as my moans got louder, I could feel his his hard on pressing into my hip. The mental image of us spralled out on the living room floor for anyone to see tips me over the edge and I come.

He rolls away onto his back, closing his eyes, his cock pressing against his jeans. I breathe deeply as the tingles of my orgasim subside. I look over at him, one arm draped over his eyes and breathing heavy. I’m not sure if he’s in disbelief or just trying to fight down his reaction, but I want more. Kneeling I wiggle out of my shorts and move over to him. I swing a leg over and sit pressing my wet pussy against him. “Oh fuck” he says, arm still over his eyes as I move my hips in circles grinding down on him. He looks up at me, his eyes dark with lust, his body responding to my movements. I take his hands and guide them up my thighs, up along my stomach and under my singlet until they reach my breasts. He finds my sensitive nipples and plays with them between his fingers, changing between gently massaging my breasts and squeezing my nipples. I let my head fall back, shocks of pleasure race through me at his touch, my sensitive clit rubbing against him as I rock back and forth against him.

Before I can suggest we get rid of his pants I hear the garage open, the rusty old door is so loud it makes the windows rattle, and just as well. I slide off and recover my shorts, stepping into them and resuming my position in front of my laptop. Dale having heard the door too, jumps to his feet and heads down the hall to the bathroom.

Jess’ keys work in the door and she comes into the kitchen “Hey Holly, is Dale here?” I hear her walk down the hall to her room.

“Yeah, he went to the bathroom” I reply wondering if the livingroom smells like sex. I throw on my hoodie and move the the kitchen doorway, they both appear and move towards the door “We’re headed out for dinner, did you want to come?” Jess says scrutinising my outfit with a superior air. “No thanks, enjoy.” I reply, smiling at them. Jess heads through the door, Dale follows but turns and winks at me, giving my legs a lustful last stare. The door closes behind them and I turn back to the living room.

“To be continued…” I murmer to myself.

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  1. jaimhe says:

    Lucky Dale


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