Our little secret…

My hair still wet from my shower is cool on my back, I wrap a towel around myself and head into my bedroom. I press the button on my bedside table and the curtains of my bedroom open slowly. I could see the sun had cleared the tree tops and it began spilling into my bedroom.

Moving into my walk-in robe I catch my own reflection in my full length mirror. Normally I would just hurry by, plans for the day racing through my mind. But a conversation I’d had recently played in my mind. A conversation of beauty, and inspiration. It had me wondering what someone might see if I were to let them.

Curious, I stand in front of the mirror and release the towel from around my chest. Brown hair falls in waves past my shoulders. Creamy white skin, soft tan lines still present from a not to distant summer. Breasts round, firm and capped by pink nipples standing erect in the chill of the air conditioned room. Rounded hips and generous thighs either side of the trimmed patch of brown hair. Turning reveals the soft creamy skin of my back leading to my rounded fleshy bottom. I grin and move to my draws where I take out some stockings and slide one on after the other.

I stand in front of my hanging clothes and my mind begins to wander, thinking of conversations and delicious images. My fingers begin to gently trace lines through the valley of my breasts… the warm tingling feeling of arousal begins to spread through my body, I close my eyes and imagine you standing there watching me. The feeling grows more intense as I picture myself as the object of your desire. You feast on me with your eyes, silently demanding all of me. I feel exposed in more than just my body, you see into my deepest desires and make me shiver with need. The scene playing in my mind I move out of the wardrobe and into my bedroom. I lay down on the bed and let my fingers roam. I imagine what you might think if you were here with me, what would you like to see me do… what would you enjoy doing with me.

My breath catches as I pleasure myself, fingers gently circling my clit while I lay on my bed, legs wide and completely exposed to my open windows.

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  1. mercutio says:

    Watching… desiring… fantasizing… touching… thoroughly inspired, pulsingly aroused—more to come

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