The one he’ll never forget

She surrendered her heart, giving her love unapologetically

Never holding back, generous with herself in everything.

She was everything he said he wanted,

He shared his world and opened his heart to her,

Drawing her into his daydreams, making promises of forever.

He held a picture of her in his mind, a perfect portrait

The picture would not bend or break,

Wild and real cannot be perfect

She wants more than a still life, safe in a frame.

Tears and fears, pushed away and let go.

She aches to her bones, holding back the love she once let fly.

No more midnight kisses, no more sharing wishes,

Broken and alone, letting go and finding her feet.

Will he realise what he has lost?

The one that chose him, all of him.

Picking herself up and putting her pieces back together,

Guarding her heart is not her way, she’ll love again unapologetically.

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