F*ck me like an animal

I fell in love with the way you looked at me, spoke to me, touched me without using your hands and left me breathless but still full of life.

I ache to feel scared. I want to be intimidated until my body’s quivering from fear, then made to quiver more from pleasure and pain as I’m overpowered. I felt it that night. The mix of fear and arousal as I’m desperately trying to run or hide, then the squirming and fighting and whimpering when you caught me.

Your hand wrapped around my throat and my head hit the earth. I heard you growl in my ear, “Its pathetic how easy it is. Don’t fucking run from me.” Mmmm my panties got wet at the sound.

You were like a wild animal that night. You pulled me to the ground and ripping my dress away. You tore off my panties before biting my inner thigh. You crawled up to my swollen clit and took me in your mouth.

“Please…oh god please,” I begged as your tongue danced around my wet lips teasingly. Then you sucked me into your mouth and flicked my clit with your tongue.

“Mine,” you growled, claiming what is yours with tiny bites onto my thigh.

“Yours….oh god yours!” I called out as my climax hit hard, in pieces with how strong it was. Another one soon followed right as you came up for air, your fingers slamming deep inside of me.

“Now…yes god now!” My climax was even harder this time and my back arched high as my vision faded. My breath came in deep gasps and pants, my legs quivered with aftershock.

Then you were holding me, whispering in my ear as I came down from the euphoria.

You tell me how beautiful I look, my makeup running and leaves in my hair. My skin red in places from your strong grip. You kiss and nuzzle my neck, the weight of your body pressing into mine, grounding me.

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