Playing with me

*Quick disclaimer: This scene is written about a Dominant and Submissive dynamic. If you are unfamiliar with BDSM, Dominance and submission, kink and power exchange this might not be a story for you. If you’re still curious please note that with any relationship, communication is vital. This scene is written with the point of view that both characters are fully consenting to the power exchange. There are rules that are followed and both parties are in agreement to anything that follows. If you are unfamiliar with these concepts this story might feel like bullying behavior or it might set off triggers for you. I always want my readers to enjoy their time here so just a heads up.  

All I can think about is how much I love when you fuck me. The look on your face as you tease me. Torture me. Playing with me. Edging me but not letting me cum. Wishing I would just do it anyway but never daring to with out you allowing me to.

I love when you make me stay on all fours and stand behind me. Finding the best angles to spank me, all while you relentlessly fuck me me with a dildo. The sounds of my screaming getting louder, of the dildo in and out of a dripping wet pussy, mixed in with those loud smacks on my ass. All echoing in my ears.

Eventually when my screams turn to moans, you move to in front of me, wrapping your hands in my hair and holding my head up so that I am looking up at you. I open my mouth without you having to be asked and you shove your cock in. Hard. Deep. Hitting the back of my throat, picking up speed as I gag. Completely in control of me.

All of it puts me into over drive ….. spent but wanting more. Loving the feeling of giving you pleasure. Eventually you press my head into the mattress and pull my ass up so you’ve got the perfect angle to slam into me. Making me instantly cum as you do. Continuously rocking into me, stretching me, until finally you groan and fill me up. Smiling a bit as we both collapse.

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