Yes, Pet

*Quick disclaimer: This scene is written about a Dominant and Submissive dynamic. If you are unfamiliar with BDSM, Dominance and submission, kink and power exchange this might not be a story for you. If you’re still curious please note that with any relationship, communication is vital. This scene is written with the point of view that both characters are fully consenting to the power exchange. There are rules that are followed and both parties are in agreement to anything that follows. If you are unfamiliar with these concepts this story might feel like bullying behavior or it might set off triggers for you. I always want my readers to enjoy their time here so just a heads up.

We were alone together, perhaps it was our first time together, perhaps it wasn’t. You asked me to undress for you. You told me to stand in front of you, and that you were going to inspect my body. I removed my clothes as you asked and after letting me stand in front of you for a moment while you looked at me. Your hands slowly roamed the front of my body while I stood completely still, patiently waiting for you. You turned me around and gently pushed my back forward, signaling for me to bend over slightly so you could continue to assess the rest of me.

You tell me to kneel on the floor and wait for you. You stand up and leave the room for just a moment or two and when you come back in I resist the urge to turn around to face you. I hear you stop behind me then a moment later you slip a gag over the front of my face and fasten it at the back of my head. You walk around me and take your seat again. You sit still for a moment, looking at me, my eyes darting a little, looking at you every so often, then breaking that eye contact a few seconds later. You ask if I’m ready, I nod slowly, unable to speak because of my full mouth.

You tell me that you are going to hurt me, but that it isn’t a punishment this time, it is merely a chance for you to see how much I can handle, and that I can make it stop at any time I wish. I feel a strong stirring in between my legs but at the same time a delicious feeling of fear in the pit of my stomach, wondering if I have made a mistake but those thoughts dissolved within seconds, and just the nervousness remained.

You sit on the edge of your chair and take the flogger from the table beside you. I remain still, aware of a little drool gathering inside my mouth. Before I could swallow it your hand moves to my hair and wraps a handful of it around your fist using it to pull me firmly towards you. With the sudden movement I feel a trickle of drool run down my chin, I lift a hand apprehensively to wipe it away but your hand meets mine and moves it back down to my side with a slight shake of your head before you began to speak again.

“So, are we going to see if this is for you?” I nod my head quickly, a noise of agreement comes from my mouth causing a little more drool to trickle from my lips and down my chin, not used to the large ball in my mouth, but this time I do not attempt to wipe it away.

“Bend over there for me,” you point to the arm of the sofa, I lean forward onto my hands then crawl slowly to the sofa and get to my feet, leaning forward, allowing my weight to be supported on the upper half of my body resting over the arm. I close my eyes for a moment and concentrate on breathing slowly as I suddenly notice my that heart rate has increased significantly. I wait patiently there for a moment, consciously trying to relax my body. After what I think is a couple of minutes I open my eyes again and see you sitting in your chair still, watching me with an expressionless face. I shuffle uncomfortably as I wonder for a moment if I have done something wrong but not wanting to ask, then you stand and walk slowly towards me.

I gasp as your hand gently touches my back, sliding against my skin so slowly, so gently. I suddenly become very aware of how wet I am between my legs, wondering what you will say when or if you realise. Your hand continues to caress me, rubbing my thighs now, warming my skin nicely. I feel you drape the tails of the flogger against my my back, gliding them over me.

“How does it feel presenting yourself to me like this?” you ask gently, still brushing the flogger over my back. I murmur my appreciation of your touch, the ball gag still hindering my words. You pull the flogger away and bring it to my behind, its like a slow tap of contact. You run the strands over my left cheek and then pull back to tap it against me again. You repeat this with each cheek before you increase your speed, a little harder each time. My head is resting in my folded arms, I turn it to the side and attempt to speak but no words come out of my mouth, just an unrecognisable noise which is muffled by the gag.

You lift your arm and move down again on my behind, my body jumps the second the flogger hits my skin with a sting. I think to myself that my reaction should be to touch the stinging skin, to protect myself, but I don’t, something doesn’t allow me to, probably the part of me that has needed this for so long. A moment later I feel the same sensation again but this time significantly harder. I cry out, quickly wondering if it is a cry of pleasure or of discomfort, straight away deciding it is both, and both feel so good.

“I can’t hear you, I said how does it feel?” You land the flogger down on my cheeks again, once again increasing the strength behind the strike. I shuffle on the spot, gripping the cushion of the sofa in my fingers, I make another long noise followed by a fresh trickle of drool running from my mouth, trying so hard to answer your question, but quickly realising it is pointless. I hear you laugh a little at my failed attempt. I sit up just a little, turning my head just slightly to face you and I hope my eyes answer your question, hope they convey to you my how I finally feel, that I am finally where I belong.

You lean forward and stroke my face so tenderly, smiling down at me warmly, then before I even sense it coming you swing again with the flogger. You stand back and look at my cheeks, your hands grasp them, squeezing hard, then rubbing them firmly. I feel you spread my cheeks, holding me open and exposed while you look at me. I feel a deep throbbing inside as I sense you have seen how wet I am, I wonder if my thighs are damp from my arousal also.

I stumble a little as my legs are moved open a little further using your feet. I groan loudly, eager for some attention to ease the aching in between my legs. I close my eyes, waiting for it to come, then flinch as you slap the tails of the flogger firmly against my swollen wet lips. I moan again, instinctively tilting my hips, offering myself to you for more and I cry out noisily when it is delivered. You move forward, roughly grasping my hips, pulling me back hard against you. You stand there still for a few moments, I wriggle just slightly in your hands, enjoying the contact between our bodies. You reach forward and once again take a handful of my hair, slowly lifting my head upwards.

“Do you want this to continue, or would you prefer it to stop now?” I turn my head as much as I can and make what I hope is a noise of agreement, letting my eyes tell you again that I really don’t want this to end.

“Good girl,” you say quietly as you gently let go of my hair, resting my head back down, lightly stroking my cheek again. One of your hand grips my behind and I feel a tapping against my lips causing me to instantly wriggle keenly against it. I moan as your fingers touch me there, opening me, stroking me so lightly while you find my opening. My body responds perfectly to you as I feel the end of the floggers handle press against me. I moan as I stretch perfectly around the tip.

“Push back on the flogger for me now,” I do as you say straight away and ease myself back onto the handle, loving how it slides so easily inside me, and wishing you would fuck me with it even if just for a minute. I take a good amount of the handle inside me and hold tight, hoping my wetness won’t cause it to slide back out. I move forward again onto the sofa, pushing my ass up into the air as much as I can for you, deliberately rocking just slightly to cause the ends of the flogger to tickle my skin.

I concentrate on relaxing my body again, closing my eyes and patiently wait for what comes next…

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