SciFi Alien Romance Anyone?

I don’t know what it is about this series, but I fucking love it. Truly I can’t seem to get enough of these sexy blue cavemen Aliens. The whole plot of the series is just so good.

If you’ve been into a bookstore lately you’ve probably seen the new covers of Ice Planet Barbarians. They’ve taken booktok by storm and any reader who found themselves wandering down the romance book trail has more than likely read at least the first book.

It’s basically a SiFi Romance series about a group of women who were abducted by aliens and how they find a way to adapt to their new lives on a harsh ice planet. The kidnapper’s ship crashes on an ice planet where our group encounters the (rather) friendly locals. Each book tells a different character’s story. The women are strong, unique, and each dealing with some trauma of epic proportions. The barbarians are built to survive in this strange new world, they’re protectors, community-minded, and relationship-focused simps. Whats not to love about big blue aliens who want to find true love?

These novels are super smutty (in the best way), fated mates, happily ever after style of romance. If you enjoy werewolf paranormal romance, sifi romance, and/or monogamous romance stories I do recommend giving these a read.

Book 1 Info:

You’d think being abducted by aliens would be the worst thing that could happen to me. And you’d be wrong. Because now, the aliens are having ship trouble, and they’ve left their cargo of human women – including me – on an ice planet.

And the only native inhabitant I’ve met? He’s big, horned, blue, and really, really has a thing for me…

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