The games we play

I’ve been dancing all night, a fine sheen of sweat covers my skin. Even my tiny dress isn’t enough to keep me cool. It wasn’t a sensible choice for dancing but I chose it because I knew it was one of your favorites. The pink fabric hugged me in all the right places, low-cut halter neck and dangerously short. The perfect dress to attract dance partners to keep me busy all night.

You’ve been watching me all night, that calm, professional, detached look giving nothing away.

I’m out of breath, and as the song changes, I shout to my dance partner that I’m going to get a drink. I move through the crowd to the bar. I get a bottle of water and move through the crush of people and out onto the balcony. The club is several stories up and there is a beautiful view of the city stretched out before me.

I stand alone by a tall table off to the side near the edge of the balcony and I drink down my water. It’s mildly cooler outside and I let my pulse slow as I glance around the balcony. It’s mostly groups, a few people smoking here and there. I see some couples enjoying dark corners when I feel a presence behind me. My back warms and yet there is nothing touching me.

“It’s dangerous to be outside all alone Kitten,” you murmur into my ear “I hope your date knows where you’ve run off to.”

“Dangerous?” I reply a little too breathlessly as your hands find my hips. My heartrate raced as though I never stopped dancing. You turn me slowly, your body blocking me from the rest of the people outside.

Your hands rest over my hips as your eyes burn into mine. It’s all I can do to keep myself standing, my knees weak at finally drawing your presence. Your hand moves over my hip and down my dress over my cheek. I can feel your breath on my neck as your hand finds the edge and moves up underneath.

“What’s this…? No panties.” You state, your voice thick with tension as your fingers caress my cheeks. I inhale quickly, leaning into you for support as you slide your hand between my legs.

“No panties,” I whisper into your neck, my head is swimming, intoxicated by the nearness of you.

“Which is the lucky man tonight pet? You must have danced with them all. And you’ve worn this tiny dress, no panties all for him.”

“What’s it matter who?” I tease almost dizzy with how it feels to have your undivided attention on me, inside me.

“You wanted him to fuck you in some dark corner like the little slut you are.” Your voice is low and accusing, all while dripping with desire. Your hand moving between squeezing my ass and running your fingers along my pussy lips. I can feel myself grow wet, your fingers exploring me, your deep voice intoxicating.

“Maybe they’ve all agreed to fuck me, one after the other.” I tell you defiantly, a gasp and shudder of pleasure taking away any real power in my statement.

“Tell me the truth Kitten. Now.” You growl into my ear as you circle your fingers over my lips before dipping them inside with teasing strokes.

“It’s for you, it’s all for you.” I instantly gasp out the words, my nipples growing tighter against your chest. My mind racing with all the things I’ve been fantasisitng, wishing we were in a hotel room so I could step out of this dress that feels too tight all of a sudden.

“Good girl,” your cheek brushes my jaw before your mouth finds mine. My lips part and our tongues dance. I struggle to suppress a moan, my body practically vibrating with need. Your left hand holds my ass cheek and you slide your right up under my dress until you find my wet opening. My breath catches as you circle my clit, teasing and driving my pulse through the roof. I glance over your shoulder scandalized that someone might be watching. The music erupts from inside covering our conversation and the night has our position in shadow. There are people scattered around but no one is paying us any attention. All consumed in their own conversations and couplings. I bury my face in your neck drinking in your scent. I try to smother the sounds escaping with each breath as you tease me with your slick fingers.

Your mouth explores my neck kissing, licking, and sucking. Your fingers increase their speed, teasing my clit and pushing inside me. My wet folds so sensitive to your touch, my hips move of their own accord, grinding against your hand needing more. When I feel your teeth skim my neck I shiver, my muscles growing tight in anticipation. When I feel you bite down on my neck shockwaves of pleasure burst from my center. My legs turn to jelly as waves of pleasure wash over me. I can’t focus, my thoughts blank but for the thought of you, my body leaning fully on you for support.

I start to catch my breath, my hands pressed to your chest. I can feel your body’s response to me, your muscles tense and your cock thick and hard against me. I slide my hand down desperate to feel you, needing to

“Let’s get out of here,” is all you say, taking my hand you lead us off the balcony and back through the dancing crowd.

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