Goodnight kiss

The sun had set and the coffee shop we’d arranged to meet at was getting ready to close. Reluctant to end our conversation we walk together over to the parking garage still discussing the pros and cons of our creative writing pursuits. We reach my car and I turn to stand in front of you, my car at my back.

I look up and see the same heat I feel reflected in your eyes. I wrap my arms around your neck and pull you down for a long deep kiss, not caring who might be watching us. I’ve been dreaming about your lips against mine all afternoon and I refuse to let this opportunity pass me by. You respond immediately, wrapping your arms around my waist and pulling the full length of my body against yours.

Your tongue runs along my lips before diving inside and finding mine. My body is growing warmer, my need to touch your skin building. I feel your hard cock against my soft belly and I moan into our kiss. I press harder against you, wanting more of you.

I break from the kiss and slowly sink to my knees in front of you, rubbing my cheek against your hardness. I look up at you, my cheeks flushed with excitement. I move my hands to your button, my brows lifted seeking your encouragement. You moan and look around the parking garage, we’re alone but who knows for how long. You move your hands to mine and undo your button, I follow by undoing your fly. Your hands move to my head and I feel your fingers stroking my hair as I reach inside and take you out. I caress you gently, enjoying the silky feel of your hard cock against my palm. You breathe in deeply, your eyes watching my every moment. I take you in hand more firmly and start stroking you.

I open my mouth and tentatively reach out with my tongue for a taste, my eyes looking up at you the entire time. But it’s too much, I can’t wait. I take your cock in my mouth, swirling my tongue around it. I hear you grunt and your fingers tighten in my hair. I lick and suck your length until your breath comes in a rush.

Pulling you deeper and deeper into my mouth, I feel your cock throb and I know you are close. I cradle your balls and pull back, take you deeper again, deeper and deeper into my mouth. When I feel you in the back of my throat, throbbing, I suck harder, stronger, and then I feel it, feel your cock throb and pulse, shooting jets of hot cum down my throat till I gulp and swallow as much as I can. I lick off every last drop and gently slide your cock back into your pants.

I look up at you and your face is flushed, your eyes are closed, your breathing is ragged. I slowly stand up drinking in the sight of your pleasure and the taste of you in my mouth. You lean your head on my shoulder kissing the bare skin on my neck. My body shivers in delight and I can feel my wet pussy pulsing with desire.

“You are coming home with me,” you breathe into my ear in between kisses.

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