Forget forever


Forget forever, let’s share a moment in time.

This moment, right now, laying in our bed slowly drifting off to sleep.

Your body pressed against mine, the worries you hold all day are gone.

I want to remember how it feels to be know body and soul, how you make me feel like the only one who knows you like I do.

I want forever, my selfish heart burns to hold you inside it until we grow old and die.

I want all of your moments, but for now, just let me keep this one.

We can’t know what tomorrow may bring.

Maybe you’ll find a love unlike ours that claws at you until you feel you’d die not to have it.

I wish for it to be impossible, I want our hearts to beat together, I want forever.

Maybe I’ll find myself on a path that you will be unable to follow.

I’d bend, I’d let myself break with the effort of trying to keep you with me.

Right now, in this moment our stars have aligned.

So let’s just have now…

This moment in time.

For right now, I can’t imagine myself anywhere else.

I’ll hold on until it ends, and even longer it will stay with me in my heart.

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  1. David Mei says:

    This reads like a song. I know these feelings. Thanks for sharing.


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