Guest Contribution – Hard day by Mr E

It was tiring today at work, the kind of day you arrive home with a headache, irascibility and no mood for anything. As I enter the apartment you are all joyful, dressed skimpy, low stripped skirt, white with fading pink lines, a tight black lace bra and black stockings, food on the counter and a drink, candles lit.

You did everything right, could not ask anything more out from you, yet my mood is still gloomy. I don’t act out on you, yet I can’t bring myself to be cheerful. I go instantly to the bedroom and throw myself in bed, laying on the back, legs largely cracked and laying over the edge. I see you coming too, with your gracious, muse-like walk, you enter the room and move slowly towards me, putting both of your hands to the either side of my thighs. You move one of your knees to the edge of the bed, laying yourself slowly over me, your hands move up my body, roaming it inch by inch with your soft, tender palms and long, slim fingers.

My energy is slowly changing, outside is almost darkness, the sun is falling slowly to its nightly sleep, bitter colours reflecting through the window in our room, sweet aphrodisiac atmosphere, suddenly I feel solitude. Your hands finally reach my face, taking a hold of it, caressing it with tenderness. I feel animated. I move both of my hands on your ass cheek, cupping them, squeezing tight as I give you a little kiss. One of your hands moves down, reaching for me crotch, clutching my tool through my jeans. You reach for the zipper, pull the zipper down and slowly moving a hand inside, groping my manhood, take it in your hand as you moving it up and down, trying to raise it up.

I put one hand in your neck and squeeze, pushing you away from me as i start standing up against the Headboard. You have the gaze of an insatiable whore, hungry for my cock, begging me with that look in your eyes to fuck your brains out. I don’t say anything, just smirk as I playfully slap your face. I push you the side to stand up, then I go out the bedroom, you laying there looking confused only to see me coming back with a drink. I lay myself against the wall as I light up one ciggerate. You look at me with a big smirk on your face, you are so well versed you already knew what I had in mind.

“Heads down, ass up”, upon hearing these words you swiftly comply, moving with your head against a pillow while your sweet ass is up for my gaze through that skimpy skirt of yours, you wiggle it playfully and ask me if “do you like it, sir”. I don’t say anything, take a puff of the ciggerate and move closely to the bed. I move behind you, grabbing your neck from behind, catching some of your hair too in this gesture, other hand clutching you between your legs, dropplets from your wet pussy dropping down the wrist of my hand. I push two fingers in, through your panties inside your pussy, then I take them out and put them inside your mouth, letting you have a taste of your own cunt.

I take another puff and distance myself again from the bed. “Get on your knees for me”, as I look at you with defiance. When we started this you were all gracious, now you are such a messy, clumsy and needy slut for me, it’s visible in the way you came before me, dropping on your knees. “Good girl”, I say, as I grab you by the chain, other hand taking out my belt. Zipper is already down so I just unbutton my jeans, pull them down and taking my cock out. You try to grab it yet I don’t let you “Not yet”, and I begin to stroke it in your face, slowly. Ah, the way you look with those little poppy eyes at it, longing to have it in your hand again or between your lips. But you can’t.

I make a gesture with one of my fingers below your chin to stand up, and you do, then I grab you by the waist and throw you on the bed with power, I remove your bra, freeing your round, medium, wiggle breasts out. I stand above you on the bed now, with my cock in hand once again, you try to get up and reach with your mouth but I push you again as I begin to stroke it in your face, hard. I am not stopping, I see you trembling with passion and tension, so I finally let you touch yourself, nothing more.

I continue stroking myself until eventually I came with a big jet down your breasts, some hitting your tummy too. I go take a towel and clean myself, leaving you like that on the bed, touching yourself, whimpering and moaning as you have cum on your body. I go to the kitchen to have my lunch finally, the sun set, wasn’t such a bad day after all.

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