Don’t pull out

Please please Daddy… don’t pull out this time.

I know you always clean me up after, but I want you to leave it inside me. Cause I was thinking… maybe we could make a baby? Maybe? I promise it would just be lil secret – I would never tell anyone about our games.

It is just, well, my friend’s tummy is getting so big with the baby her Daddy put in her. So full and round… she is so proud! I would be proud to Daddy if you made me a baby too.

What fun it would be huh? As You pump inside me, I can remind you of what we are doing… would that make you cum harder? Shoot ropes and ropes of cum inside my unprotected pussy. Then we would smile at each other, secretly knowing I was making something that was just ours.

Forever bonded.

Think of the fun we could have trying to make me carry a lil one we made in me. Does that excite you Daddy? You have always whispered in my ear I’m Your cum coaxing princess! You love getting hard thinking of how red my baby making slit will look, freshly fucked by you. Dripping your juices as I try so hard to push them back in.

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