And if you’ve never felt your soul being torn apart, you’ve never loved anyone with all your heart.

Walk me home

I want your hands around my waist, and your touch lighting up stars on my skin. I want you to look at me and tell me that everything’s going to be fine because your voice is the only thing that make me feel like my head isn’t 40 feet underwater.  

Strangers on a train

I still daydream about it, that time I saw you standing on the platform waiting for the train. I wonder if you noticed me. I hadn’t seen you before, I caught the train every day and being a creature if habit I would stand in the same spot, my coffee warming my fingers in the…


The quality of being cheerful and full of energy. ‘Way with Words’ series.  

Playtime on the terrace

Dinner with work colleagues could be such a bore, but tonight the new manager was joining us leaving his very pregnant wife at home for the night. The evening started out with some light flirting and knowing looks. Sitting across from him at the dinner table I couldn’t help but tease him with my very…

A tease

I love when warm weather hits and weekends are free to do with as I please. Heading to the beach and enjoying the salty water against my skin. A quiet corner of the sand empty but for the occasional owner walking their dog. With my back to the sand I reach behind me and pull…

The hunter

“Come here and take off your clothes” you demand, your voice low and commanding. I’d been teasing you all day with messages, pics, and fantasies. Reminding you of the last time I had you in my arms, so long ago and yet so vivid in my thoughts. I move in front of you, unbuttoning my…